Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, May 16, 2017

STEVE Barnett (Short Takes, 13/5) suggests that if the Bible is correct, it makes a mockery of climate change. The Bible actually has a lot to say about climate change. It describes a catastrophic climate event in the time of Noah (chapters 5-10 of Genesis) and warns of more to come. Maybe a skeptic could benefit by reading the Good Book?

Alton Bowen, Wallsend

WITH all the talk about school funding I find myself wondering how much could be done with a fee as little as $100 per child. I'd put the money in the hands of the P&F who would make better use of it than any government.

Dave McTaggart, Edgeworth

TO Mac Maguire (Short Takes, 15/5): Maybe you may be able to explain to the thousands of uni graduates applying for a job at the Cadbury factory why they need a uni degree. I'll look forward to your explanation.

Brad Hill, Singleton

CONGRATULATIONS Knights, 100 per cent improvement on last season.

Bill Slicer, Tighes Hill

MAC Maguire (Short Takes, 15/5) a bachelor of arts is not a qualification needed to become a tradesperson who earns an income most degree holders would envy. A lot of degree seekers are unemployed for longer periods than tradespeople.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

WHAT a cute little “light rail” depot. Just big enough for half-dozen or so trams needed for a teensy little street tramway. Extending the tramway into a light rail system of some use? Forget it.

Geoff Hassall, Birmingham Gardens

I JUST found a spy novel, first published in 1981, written by Ted Allbeury titled The Twentieth Day of January. The review on the back cover by the Sunday Express states: "Could the Soviet Union get their own man elected President of the United States? Ted Allbeury makes this one look only too plausible in his new spy story." In view of recent events in the United States, I am wondering if this book should be moved from the "fiction" section to the "non-fiction" section of the library.

Bob Hunter, Jewells

GOD created two different human beings so they would create more humans, so how does the Catholic Church justify its policy of not letting priests and nuns marry? That is against God’s wishes.

Barry Spaulding, Cardiff

I AM trying to find out the dates when the NSW Country Rugby League Championships finals were played between 1999 till 2010. Can anybody help?

Robert Forbes, Rutherford


IS Glen Moss good for Newcastle?

Yes 88.5%, No 11.5%

HOW much did you spend on Mother's Day?

$0 to $20 – 33.3%, $21 to $50 – 50%, $51 to $100 – 0%, More than $100 – 16.7%


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