One For Nunn teed off

Jason “One For” Nunn, who  famously predicted that if you couldn’t catch a fish last weekend, “you should take up golf”, nearly had the Callaways ordered Saturday afternoon.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Graham Newell wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this 64cm snapper hooked off Nelson Bay last weekend.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Graham Newell wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this 64cm snapper hooked off Nelson Bay last weekend.

The Fisherman’s Warehouse provocateur and son Patrick endured a PGA-inducing dry patch off Dudley, having ignored encouraging reports at Swansea boat ramp that things were going better down south.

“Paddy was in to me about teeing off, and to be fair, the fat lady hadn’t sung, but she’d warmed up a fair bit come about 5pm Saturday,” Jason said.

“We’d caught nothing, the current was running uphill, we were facing south and you just knew it wasn’t going to happen.

“Luckily I managed to catch half a dozen big green-eyed squid shortly after that.

“Instead of humble pie, the family ended up with a good feed of calamari.

“Just goes to show you should always listen to advice that’s coming off the water and not what’s in your head.  But that’s fishing.”

Hooking in

Jason’s dry last Saturday doesn’t  mean  fish weren’t getting caught.

“There’s been some real big tailor getting caught on the rocks and beach this week,” he said.

“Fish up round the 3kg mark. Best rewards early morning, late afternoon lure casting and floating bait pilchards.

“Wybung and Dudley-Redhead have been fishing well.

“There is  a sprinkling of salmon coming into the channel this week.

“And there’s been a resurgence of barracouta in the deeper water off Norah Head.

“They usually don’t turn up until deep dark winter, which suggests the seasons are a little out.

“If they’re about, you may as well pull stumps as they have a similar  impact on your fishing tackle as leather jackets and you can’t eat them.”

Create overlap

It looks like a good weekend coming up again, although we’ll hold back from any golfing taunts, with fine weather and plenty of fish about in this “overlap” seasonal time of year.

The water remains warm enough to support a range of pelagic-type fish like your mac tuna, cobia and kings and meanwhile your winter species like bream, luderick, snapper and tailor are moving in too.

Paul “Ringo” Lennon, from Port Stephens Tackle World reports an angler landed a 15kg mac tuna off the Salamander Shores jetty on Wednesday. 

“There’s been a few reports of them still running around the bay,” Ringo said.

“They’re responding to live baits under floats, stick baits or search lures, you just need them to bust up within range.”

There’s been a lot of tailor inside the bay and around the headlands.

“Good fish up round the 1kg mark,” Ringo said.

“A lot of guys have been chasing them on spin gear, light metals.”

Plenty of bream in the bay. Ringo’s boss, Brent “Hammer” Hancock has been having some great sessions on the fly rod. 

“Ten-plus fish per session, up to 1kg, just tossing around the  oyster racks,” Ringo said.

All estuaries and beaches are producing mulloway at the moment.   

Peter Raymond got a 13kg jew off the Nelson Bay rockwall while another angler with the impressive name of Harley Davison revved up with a 9kg fish off Stockton beach through the week.

Enticing reds

As Graham Newell’s Fish of the Week shows, it’s a great time of year to go snapper fishing and it will only get better from here on in as they move in closer to shore.

“The water temp is still warm and there’s been some nice reds about,” Ringo said.

“A 10kg specimen was speared off Fishermans Bay this week and there has some other good reports.

“With the water still warm you’re a chance of getting a king, a cobia, mac tuna – those types of fish are well worth a live bait at the moment.

“Meanwhile, we’re seeing all these travelling fish about in good numbers too, like your tailor, drummer, snapper and bream.

“There’s not much salmon around yet and the mullet are starting to slow up.

“The mac tuna will probably hang around until the cooler water hits.”

Quiet out wide

Nelson Bay boat Born Free raised a few striped marlin  through the week and got a couple of  nice bottom fish including bass groper and blue eye cod.

Overall, it’s been pretty quiet out wide.

Lake Macquarie Game Fishing Club weighmaster Neil Grieves reports  LMGFC boat    Midas Touch weighed a 285.5kg tiger shark during last weekend’s Northern Zone Overnighter fishing comp.

”I think there was one Newcastle-Port Stephens Game Fishing Club boat fished overnight and they got a 186kg shark, or thereabouts.

“Lake boat Anger Management didn’t turn a reel despite fishing hard.”