Examining the strings attached to a US friendship

With the election of Donald Trump as US President the world has been thrown into distraction, despite an interview with China's President, Xi Jinping, there has been no evidence of withdrawal of America’s threat to go to war with China.

So what is the basis of American objective? It is simply the rise of China and the decline of the US in their respective global trade growths. America has publicly declared it will not allow this to happen.

The fact that China is a huge creditor and the US is such a huge debtor is founded on its addiction to spend and import. At the end of Obama’s term, the US debt was $19.9 trillion, (unfortunately $5 trillion of this belonged to China on loan).

It is incredulous that China is so surreptitiously charged as the aggressor when it is simply engaging in a strategy of protection, when it has been globally known that the US has a plan to engage China in war.  It is a plan that has been manifested in the US over 15 years.

When President Obama first came to power he announced a withdrawal of troops from Iraq, (Bush's debacle), and imposed a pre-planned “pivot” to South East Asia: two thirds of US Forces transferred to South East Asia and the Pacific.

 In the current period more than 400 military bases encircle China with missiles, bombers, warships and nuclear weapons.

In a close-range circle of China, including within the Sea of Japan, East China Sea and South China Sea, China is confronted with entrapment by US military bases (with all the above equipment), in Japan (7), South Korea (2), Philippines (4), Brunei (1), Singapore (1), Guam (1), and now Australia (3), given by the servile generosity of former PM Julia Gillard. The US plans to install  troops (Northern Territory), bombers (Darwin), and battle ships (Perth), by 2020.

MILITARY BASES: US Marines in Darwin.

MILITARY BASES: US Marines in Darwin.

Amilai Etziani, Professor of International Affairs at George Washington University, predicts “the US is preparing for a war with China, a momentous decision that has so far failed to receive a thorough view from elected officials, namely Congress. This war would begin with a blinding attack against anti-access facilities, including, land and sea based missile launches, satellite and anti-satellite weapons. Deep inland attacks could be mistakenly perceived by the Chinese as a pre-emptive attempt to take out its nuclear weapons, thus cornering them into a terrible, ‘use-it-or-lose-it’ dilemma that could lead to a nuclear war.”

A cynical act of historical overthrows of countries by the US has threatened American status. DFAT, in late 2015, said that our total exports to China that year were $76 billion, $50 billion of those exports were iron ore, coal, copper and gold, which poses a question: Why would China want to destroy the continuity of that process when trade would be going to China?

Four Australian prime ministers, have since 2006 called for Australia to terminate the servitude to the US.  Three of the four were the late Gough Whitlam, the late Malcolm Fraser and Paul Keating, the fourth at the time was not a prime minister but he was a member of Parliament (Malcolm Turnbull). It was during the time of President Obama’s visit when Turnbull said, “an Australian Government needs to be careful not to allow a doe-eyed fascination with the leader of the US to distract from reality that our national interest requires us truly (not just rhetorically) to maintain both an ally in Washington and a good friend in Beijing”.

Peter Barrack, OAM, was the secretary of the Newcastle Trades Hall Council for 21 years.