Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, May 20, 2017

JOHN Scott, how true (Short Takes, 17/5). A while back, I pulled up at the John Hunter Hospital at 11 o'clock at night to pick my wife up and there was a worker standing between two no smoking signs. There were no parks available so I just pulled up under cover next to him, he came over and told me I can't stop there as there was signs stating this. Then I said to him there are signs saying no smoking and you are standing right next to one. I was actually surprised he got up and made the effort to walk outside.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

WE outsource jobs, call centres, immigration (Manus Island), to other countries to cut costs. So much for job growth for our workers here. But we don’t outsource our politicians, and why not? 

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point 

YOU could field an NRL side full of Knights juniors/local talent that have slipped through the crack at the Knights because they weren't looked after with decent contracts. Nathan Ross will be the same, the only ones being punished are the Knights fans and members who won't get to see the strongest possible side on the paddock

Ethan Hodson, Facebook

YES, Nathan Ross is playing really well, but if a contract can be re-negotiated when the player is performing better than expected, should a contract be re-negotiated when a player is not playing as well as expected? We’ve seen plenty of those haven’t we?

Helen Scott, Taylors Beach

I FIND it somewhat amusing that some Knights players are demanding more money. This comes on the back of their third win in nearly three seasons. I shudder to think what price they will be asking if they notch up another win.

Brad Hill, Singleton

SUPERANNUATION and the ATO are destroying hard-working Australians’ lives. With the recent ATO scam and the fees on my superannuation fund, we are going backwards towards retirement.

Scott Wood, Cardiff

I AGREE with Doug Dowton’s comment regarding using a broom to clear the cigarette butts from the entrance to John Hunter Hospital (Short Takes, 19/5). Maybe they could use the same broom to clean the rest of the hospital. It certainly needs a good clean and I really don’t know how it passes the supposedly strict health regulations.

Jan Wells, Cameron Park

I AM angry with NRL footballers changing clubs mid season. Give a thought to the supporters and spectators. Sign up the players for new contracts at the end of the season.

Col Page, Adamstown


SHOULD Nathan Ross be paid more?

Yes 85.6%, No 14.4%


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