Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, May 17, 2017

IN reply to Neil Meyers regarding Jarrod Mullen (Short Takes, 15/5): Yes, bit harsh but Jarrod was caught by the league and the others were caught by the police. I think you will find the league will act accordingly after a court case, irrespective to the clubs involved. 

Colin Atkins, Wyong

THIS so-called fat tax, what a cruel joke. Not all people who are overweight put a strain on the health system. If you have ever been in an emergency ward overnight, there are more drug, alcohol and smoking-related illnesses than there is from fat people. If you want to do something about this, start looking at these people first.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

TO Alton Bowen (Short Takes, 16/5): The Bible does mention climate factors, however it fails to mention the impact that coalmining had on these events. My 10-year-old son Noah understands climate change in summer. He says “Dad it's hot today, let's go to the beach” and in winter time “Dad it's cold today can we light the fire?”. These events have and will continue to occur for the ages.

Brad Hill, Singleton

WHAT a joke the ‘no smoking policy’ is at the John Hunter Hospital. Despite all the signs saying it is prohibited; one still has to walk through the stench of people, including patients, smoking near the entrances to the hospital then dropping their butts on the ground. Would it not be an easier solution to put one or two designated small smoking areas, within sight of but away from the main entrances where the smokers could enjoy each others smoke and provide bins so they can dispose of their butts? The no smoking policy is obviously never going to be enforced, and such a move as suggested would save masses of cigarette butts going down the drain.

John Scott, Kahibah

PERHAPS we have a weak job market at the moment Brad Hill (Short Takes, 16/5) but I've never heard of your mythical "Cadbury factory", where thousands of uni graduates are applying for a job. I think you might be suffering from Willy Wonka syndrome –  pure imagination.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

MOST climate change believers have uni degrees, therefore I believe universities are cults brainwashing students and recruiting them to the cause. The one that preaches blue collar taxpayers should pay for our degrees, because we are intellectually superior and will be in a position to save the world or in the least cure a bad case of piles when we graduate.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay


WHAT is the biggest fashion no-no?

Socks and sandals 49.8%, Visible underwear 26.5%, Jeans and joggers 6.7%, Other 17%


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