Legless kangaroo washed up on Soldiers Point beach may be victim to shark in the shallows

Bec Wallis was not expecting to hear “a legless kangaroo” when asked by her partner and daughter to guess what they had seen during a beach walk on Thursday night.

Ms Wallis was so intrigued that she took a walk down to the Soldiers Point shoreline to have a look herself.

“It’s very different,” Ms Wallis said.

“I’ve never seen anything like it before.”

Ms Wallis said her partner and daughter had seen the kangaroo lying face down on a beach in Soldiers Point about 6pm on Thursday.

The animal’s back legs were not attached, nor were they found in the immediate vicinity of the carcass.

The fur near where its hind legs should have been was also removed, exposing white flesh.

“It didn’t look like it had been savaged,” she said.

“But it did look like the legs had been gnawed off.

“We assumed it had gone for a dip and a shark in the shallows grabbed it.”

Ms Wallis said the theory was not that far-fetched.

Kangaroos are known to hop down to the water at Soldiers Point and “take a dip”.

Sharks are also known to come close to the shoreline.

On examining Ms Wallis’ photo of the kangaroo, DPI Fisheries said it could “neither confirm or deny the source of mortality”.

A second theory about how the animal ended up legless on the beach, from Ms Wallis’ father, was that it had died, washed up and another animal had got to it.

Ms Wallis posted pictures of the deceased kangaroo to the Facebook page “You Know Your [sic] From The Bay When” on Thursday night asking what she should do about the animal: call someone to remove it or let nature take its course.

By Friday afternoon, the kangaroo had washed away.