Greenbacks go wild

Tailor are on the rampage in Lake Macquarie, according to Geoff “Kanga” Ruse, from Freddy’s Fishing World, at Broadmeadow.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Glen Hepplewhite from Toronto wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this PB bass caught up river in a dam recently.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Glen Hepplewhite from Toronto wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this PB bass caught up river in a dam recently.

Good big size greenbacks have been about in numbers throughout the lake and also coming off the beaches.

Kanga reckons they’ve been responding to metal spinners, white soft plastics from the Z-Mann and Boom Bait range, and some trolling deep divers.

“Some nice snapper coming out of the lake too,” Kanga said. “They’ve been picking them up on plastics and Vibelicious.

“I heard this week of one snapper that went 4kg which is amazing for the Lake.

“In and around we’ve been seeing some nice mulloway and flathead too.”

Harbour hits

Newcastle Harbour has been a haven for mid-size jew.  Nothing too huge but pretty frequent as we near the end of the mulloway season.

“It tell you too, there’s great winter bream turning up everywhere,” Kanga said.

“The harbour has been presenting some good models off structure like your wharves and oyster racks and in and around your mangrove beds.

“We’ve also seen some decent flathead in the river, biting on chubbies, vibelicious and Ecooda Mini cranks. Also mid size blades, particularly in the gold colour.

“There’s also been some outstanding mud crabs on the march.”

Offshore for sure

Outside fishing has been bountiful of late with a nice mix of kingfish, dolphin fish and bonito about.

Some good size bonito actually, according to Kanga, and sweet on the tooth.

“Bonito are really good eating,” Kanga said. “I’d only ever treated them as bait until somone pointed out they’re a good plate fish.

“Now I reckon they’re better than yellow fin.”

Anglers are  sharpening the jig lures up in preparation for what is expected to be an influx of kings in the cooler months.

For cod’s sake

Quite a few people have been heading inland to chase cod, hitting the dams around Tamworth and the New England river systerm.

Kanga reckons it’s a great time of year to do it, and there’s couple of lures in the Jackal range that go real good

“Gantia   and the Gantarel are fantastic, as is the Chibitarel and the Mighty, all big cod lures that have been smoking the fish,” he said.

“The Pompadours go good on the surface, where the others work just below.

“I cannot believe how well they have been selling, and they’re not cheap at $30 to $60, but we can’t keep them in stock.”

Kanga said if you were  worried about burning a hole in your pocket through lost lures,  come in and have a chat about braid and leader combinations.

“Cod hit hard but don’t tend to fight that hard so you’ve got a reasonable chance of getting your lure back anyhow,” Kanga said.

Whiting biting

Paul “Ringo” Lennon, from Tackle World Ports Stephens reports great numbers of whiting on local beaches. 

“Plenty of bream starting to move on the beaches too, and some nice jew up round Birubi and Stockton,” he said.

Inside the bay, Brent “Hammer” Hancock has been braining the bream on the fly rod of an afternoon up around Soldiers Point.

“Some good tailor coming off Fingal and around the spit. They’ve been really consistent in size and are showing up right on cue, with some pushing into the bay,” Kanga said.

Luderick and drummer are showing up on the ocean rocks, with plenty of good green-eye squid in the protected bays along the coast.

One angler aptly named “Rod”, got a stack of reds off Fingal this week, according to Ringo.

“He was getting some big tailor up to 2kg too, and getting bitten off by bigger ones.

“The snapper have been good all the way up to Seal Rocks this week. Guys have been throwing plastics to good effect.”

Outside, there were a few marlin caught this week. 

“Born Free got four up and caught two,” Ringo said.

“They came across a patch while bottom fishing and got lucky.”

Meanwhile, there’s sill some long tail tuna inside the bay and off the rocks as well. Not mega numbers but big.

“One angler got one pushing 30kg this week,” Ringo said.

“You get those big ones towards the end of the season.

“This guy said he got it off the rocks, but he was pretty vague about the exact location.

“They won’t hang around too much longer. They’ll be gone once it get too cold.”

Where to fish

Sunny skies are predicted this weekend and with temperatures pitched just in that all-round not to cold or hot transition season, the choice is yours as far as wetting a line.

Mind you, last weekend we predicted a month’s worth of rain in three days, and it was possibly the sunniest weekend of 2017.  So who’d want to be a weatherman. Better a fisherman.