First-time member Richards joins Knights campaign

First-time member Richards joins Knights campaign

MEREWETHER surfing icon Mark Richards joined the wave of Newcastle Knights supporters jumping on board the Strength in Numbers Target 10,000 campaign.

The four-time world surfing champion became a Knights member for the first time because of the ‘‘bargain basement price’’ of the tickets.

Mr Richards confessed to being an armchair spectator in the past but the opportunity to watch the last 10 home games at the ground for $65 was too tempting.

‘‘If you walked into a supermarket you wouldn’t get much for $6.50 and that’s what it costs each game,’’ he said.

‘‘I’ve always been a big fan of the Knights and it’s great they represent the town so well but in all honesty I usually like watching the game from my living room.

‘‘In saying that there’s nothing better than watching a sporting event live and the anxiety that you have when the invaders from another area coming.’’

The Target 10,000 campaign is aimed at recruiting 10,000 new Knights members in a four-week period before the next home game against the Warriors on Sunday, May 15.