Getting to know you

IN TOUCH: Katrina-Jane doesn’t use a hint of Hollywood. PICTURE: DEAN OSLAND
IN TOUCH: Katrina-Jane doesn’t use a hint of Hollywood. PICTURE: DEAN OSLAND

Newcastle clairvoyant and medium Katrina-Jane sees dead people. She knows what you did last summer, and she might even get a read on what you should do next summer.

And yet there’s not a hint of Hollywood about her businesslike CBD office, and there’s no mystical theatrics when she sits down to give me a clairvoyant reading.

After a warm greeting, Katrina-Jane sits opposite me at a simple table and it begins. Straight up, she asks me about bike riding with the kids.

‘‘What?’’ I think to myself, ‘‘No crystal ball? No incense or flowing gypsy garb?

‘‘Wait ... maybe that’s an Abbott and Costello movie ... ’’

‘‘OK, focus. Bike riding.’’ I tell Katrina-Jane that I do take my kids bike riding, but I’m thinking ‘‘That’s hardly a big call for her to make’’.

I expect her to move on to meatier issues, encouraged by an early hit, but she persists with the bikes and suggests that it has a special importance for me which the kids don’t understand. Her words hang in the air.

Suddenly Katrina-Jane has my complete attention. She’s right, I consider the bike-riding-with-the-kids thing as crucial fathering time. I bought bikes, and a bike rack for the car, to help entice the kids out of the house at weekends. I’m always talking up possible bike riding destinations with them and, the truth is, I consider the hours we spend on bike paths to be among the most fulfilling and healing times we have together.

The kids, of course, don’t see the big deal and don’t always want to go bike riding. They even complain when my enthusiastic bike talk starts to sap their strength. Katrina-Jane is right. The kids don’t understand.

Katrina-Jane moves on, and the process is a little like channel surfing – zapping from the career channel, to the relationship channel, the house channel, finance channel, and health channel.

And just like with channel surfing, sometimes it can be difficult working out exactly what’s going on when you tune into a show midway through. But what sets this channel surfing apart is that every program is about me.

When the reading is over I take a moment to process what has just happened.

The cynical journo in me wants to dismiss the exercise as little more than entertaining trickery reinforced by a few generalisations that happened to hit the mark. But the reality is that Katrina-Jane scored too many bullseyes about my personal life for me to shrug it all off. To be honest, it’s a little unsettling.

Katrina-Jane has seen the reaction before, and she admits to sometimes being moved herself.

‘‘I just give what I get, and what comes through [in readings] never ceases to amaze me,’’ she says. ‘‘I get goosebumps and I can get tears as well. And I’ve had too much information come through to me about people who I don’t know for me to doubt it.’’

Katrina-Jane records her readings with clients onto a digital note taker, then burns it to a CD for them to keep. Sometimes a comment that seems to make no sense to a client at the time of the reading suddenly makes sense when the client replays the CD a year later.

And, in a further sign of the times, Katrina-Jane offers readings for clients over the phone, and even via email. ‘‘They just send me a photo and a list of the questions that they’d like to ask.’’

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