Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, June 14, 2017

MAC Maguire (Short Takes, 13/6): If Alan Joyce's 'gong' qualifies him to speak about same-sex marriage, Margaret Court, with both an AO and an MBE, must be doubly qualified.

Peter Dolan, Lambton

AFTER five days without precious electricity 10 years ago when the Pasha Bulker grounded, I have never begrudged paying my bills. But when learning that there are reputed to be 23 retailers of electricity, only one of which is Australian owned, I have changed to that company, after being told my previous supplier of many years is now owned by a Hong Kong company. We have labels on most foods now with country of origin and I endeavour to support Australian-owned suppliers as much as possible, but feel guilty for not having discovered where my money has been going all these years. Where ignorance is bliss, ‘tis folly to be wise.

June Porter, Warners Bay

AFTER advising the Tories during their recent election disaster, will our very own Sir Lynton Crosby be obliged to return his knighthood? I wonder, will he be added to the official list of British “knights in disgrace” like the Kaiser, Mussolini, the King of Italy, Mugabe, Thomas Cromwell, Emperor Hirohito, etc?

Keith Parsons, Newcastle

LES Hutchinson (Letters, 13/6): We should give animals the right to bare arms. Cows with Guns, that song is a butcher’s nightmare.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

PATRONISING speeches to the nation following each act of terrorism overseas is not what we want from our Prime Minister, or anybody else. Talk is rarely effective unless supported by appropriate physical action. Gallipoli and Kokoda can't keep hacking it. They were then, this is now. We need less Chamberlain and more Churchill.

Ron Elphick, Buff Point

THE Prime Minister insists on claiming we are equal to the best in the world for protection. The Lindt Café siege inquiry proved that to be a false claim. Of all the number of people killed by parolees or people on bail, it has taken the minute fraction of people that have been killed by terrorism from that number to finally jog the government into realising that something is wrong with the system. This shows that there is something very wrong with the judgment used by governments in their protection of people.   

Allan Earl, Thornton

AUSTRALIA has brought terrorism on itself. Australian troops invading Muslim lands, breeds terrorism. Take Iraq for example, an invasion concocted on American lies. Thanks to our warmongering commentators and politicians, Iraq is now a terrorist state. Australia has not yet experienced a major terrorist attack on our soil. Invading Muslim lands is to invite terrorism on our soil.

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point


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