All out to feed the passion

GEM: Ruby Lucas, 14, hooked this 3.8kg salmon at Marmong Point recently.
GEM: Ruby Lucas, 14, hooked this 3.8kg salmon at Marmong Point recently.

It's obviously been a tough week at the office, fishing-wise, unless you are a fish.

Pasha Bulker-style weather rendered most thoughts of wetting a line hypothetical.

But Jason ‘‘One For’’ Nunn, of Fisherman’s Warehouse, reckons we’ll get a chance to ease the cabin fever this weekend.

And he’s tipping anglers who make the effort will be rewarded with yellowfin tuna out wide, snapper in close, and tailor, bream and jew throughout local estuaries feeding on what’s been stirred up.

‘‘The Sunday before the long weekend a couple of guys on [the boat] TJ Man – Lucas Stansfield was the skipper, his neighbour Raymond, Neil Bruce, co-pilot Jayden Bruce – went looking for yellowfin out on the Shelf and found some,’’ Jason said.

‘‘The biggest was 36kg, the others weighed 30kg and 26kg.

‘‘They lost a couple of others, too, one they considered significantly larger, and said they had yellowfin busting up out of the water.

‘‘Now I’m not saying what happened two weeks ago applies now, but it’s good to know the yellowfin are there and in good size, because this is the time of year they come on. The point is you have to get out there and look for them.

‘‘Those guys were bagged for going out when they did, because the weather wasn’t ideal then either. But they went looking and they found fish.

‘‘Suddenly everyone who’d been hanging off, waiting for someone else to do the hard yards, wanted to know where the fish were.

‘‘The forecast for this weekend is west-nor-west, so the sea may start to settle.

‘‘After this significant stir-up, there’s every chance there’ll be fin feeding on the Shelf and Canyons.’’

Jason also predicted big snapper and bream moving onto the inshore reefs along the coast to feed.

Tailored to fit

Meanwhile, there’s a million salmon foaming up local waterways.

The great news is that anglers have been getting tailor with them.

‘‘They’re mixed in with the salmon, nearly outnumbering them,’’ Jason said.

‘‘A couple of guys got into them along Blacksmiths breakwall on Monday.

‘‘There were a couple of jew caught up to 15kg too, and a couple of bigger ones the guys couldn’t put the brakes on.

‘‘Under the salmon you get other fish feeding too, like squire, bream and flathead.

‘‘Luderick are right on too, and there’s still the occasional smoking whiting about.’’

Jason suggested the next couple of nights, in the wake of last night’s full moon, would be ideal to fish Lake Macquarie as the big tides would be turning during the evening and we’d see a lot of water movement.

‘‘I’m going to have a crack at the tailor and bream, particularly on this tide,’’ he said.

‘‘Saturday night I’ll fish the run-out tide in Salts Bay for bream, from say 5pm to 10pm. The water will have a bit of colour in it.

‘‘Then I’ll head down the channel to fish for tailor on the run-in.

‘‘The tailor have been commuting in and out of the lake. And a lot of big fish move into the lake to get away from boiling ocean like we’ve had recently.

‘‘It’s all cyclic that way, so I reckon it’s looking really good, if the weather settles.’’

Cheat the diary

Enhancing the case for potential anglers to get into it this weekend is the likelihood that a lot of local sport will be postponed, freeing up would-be family anglers from weekend commitments.

It’s not often you’ll get that chance, as the calendar is usually jam-packed with activities this time of year.

Really big mac

Glenn Evans, of Tackle Power West End, fielded a few calls about last week’s Fish of the Week – an alleged 6kg frigate mackerel caught by Merewether angler Rory Potter.

Glenn emailed On The Water to point out that a frigate mackerel of that size would not only have earned Rory a Jarvis Walker tackle box and Tsunami lure pack, he’d also have a new world record.

The present benchmark for such fish is three pound, one ounce (about 1.4kg to 1.5kg).

Rory’s fish was actually a mac tuna.

Worth a look

Glenn reckons it’s been slow going on Newcastle Harbour this week but points out that action will speed up at Tackle Power’s big tent sale at Sandgate this weekend.

The guys will have the marquee up in the car park covering more than $1million worth of gear.