Newcastle Herald Letters to the Editor: Friday, June 15, 2017

NO TRANSFER: The housing department's mutual exchange system has been criticised by one Hamilton South resident who says he has been trying to move for 16 years.
NO TRANSFER: The housing department's mutual exchange system has been criticised by one Hamilton South resident who says he has been trying to move for 16 years.

FOR 16 years I have been trying to get a transfer out of the Fowler Street, Hamilton South, housing estate and to this day I have been denied.

Certificates from doctors, psychiatrists, school principal, references, representation by Bryce Gaudry, and the current member all have failed.

The mutual exchange Housing NSW provides doesn't work for here. No one wants to come here and the ones that look into it straight away change their minds as soon as they do a check.

For 16 years this social disaster and crime-riddled estate has continued, with no end in sight.

Why does Housing NSW allow this to continue and fester?

The tenants and the surrounding suburbs deserve better.

Mark Sheerin, Hamilton South

Acknowledging efforts

I WOULD like to respond to Monday’s report about negotiations over claims relating to the use of Steelstone Mix 3 road base in Lake Macquarie (‘Home hope’, Herald, 12/6). 

Cr Kevin Baker is quoted as saying Lake Macquarie City Council “has had to be dragged kicking and screaming to this point”. I think this statement disregards the work that has been done by council staff in the background over a period of time to bring about a resolution for affected residents, and the advocacy of other councillors.

All councillors and staff who have been involved in this matter are pleased that council’s insurer has begun negotiations over these claims and will continue to advocate constructively for a positive outcome.

I would also like to point out an inconsistency in Cr Baker’s statements regarding the absence of a new city entry sign at Morisset (‘A sign of neglect’, Herald, 14/6). Cr Baker said he was disappointed the “people on the west of the lake are again being treated like second-class citizens”. 

In fact, there are two new city entry signs in western Lake Macquarie, both at Wyee, and another on the southern city boundary on the Pacific Highway. Morisset does not have a city entry sign because it is not a boundary suburb, but does have two attractive new town entry signs. The ‘welcome’ sign that appeared in the Herald photograph is an outdated one that is to be removed.

Cr Kay Fraser, Mayor, Lake Macquarie City Council

Stop taking trees

MR Beach said in Saturday's paper some of the removed trees were planted in 1988, slow growers (‘Council tree removal justification, not that super’, Herald, 10/6). If they don't produce shade, why are they planting the same trees?

I would also like the people of Newcastle to know that I believe the council is now removing trees and digging up the top end in the terrace of King Edward Park for a car park.

What is this mayor and council up to? We are back to the days of putting roads through Blackbutt Reserve.

Remove these people, not trees.

Jenny Porter, Nelson Bay

​Back on donations

SO it’s not easy “to confuse Mr McCloy as a Liberal”, Brendan Tate (Letters, 12/6)? The Liberals weren’t confused when McCloy nominated for the 2012 lord mayoral election. I recall they disendorsed their candidate and preferenced McCloy. I understand he returned the favour and preferenced them in the ward elections.

And the McCloy family Trust donated $27,500 from the loose change in his ATM/wallet to the ALP in 2007? Many “clever businessmen” donate to both major parties to show that they’re “independent”. How much did the Trust donate to the Coalition?

Keith Parsons, Newcastle

‘Australian' is correct

THERE are lot of things that get right up my nose about our egotistical, self righteous and generally not very bright politicians. However, if there one thing that confirms my estimation of our politicians it is the naming of the "Turnbull government" or a if elected a "Shorten government" would do this or that.

Our politicians are so far up their own rectum they refuse to acknowledge that it is the 'Australian' government, and not the possession of some grubby politician.

Mike Sargent, Raymond Terrace

War not whole picture

RICHARD Ryan’s assertion that Australia has “brought terrorism on itself” (Short Takes, 14/6) invites some scrutiny.

Both Poland and Singapore participated in military action in Iraq and Afghanistan. I understand thousand of Polish troops exercised control over close to 20 per cent of Iraq’s land mass at one point.

Of course, both Poland and Singapore have far more stringent policies when it comes to accepting refugees, and apply more thorough scrutiny to people wishing to immigrate. But I’m sure the fact that neither country has suffered from Islamic terrorist attacks is entirely coincidental.

Scott Hillard, New Lambton

Stewardship over creation

LES Hutchinson (Letters, 13/6) wants Tony Abbott ‘to fix his own religion first’ before criticising Muslims. The inconvenient truth though, which Abbott pointed out, is that nearly all of the terrorist incidents are associated with people shouting 'Allahu akbar' as they kill.

How does the Christian God legitimise other people’s gods? The first commandment says ‘You shall have no other gods before me’. Other man-made or invented gods, often created in their makers’ likeness, bear no resemblance to the Christian God.

Les says ethics is a science. Einstein rejected this view. Science tells us how to build an atom bomb or clone a human; it is silent as to whether we should do these things.

Ethical motherhood statements sound fine, but their practical application can be open-ended. Les says gay marriage hurts no-one, so is not an ethical issue, but others say it is detrimental to children.

Life might be precious but not all life is equal. Les, I understand, believes in speciesism, the view that humans are just another animal and that all animals are equal. This is a minority viewpoint. We should reject animal cruelty, but most of us eat meat and still, thankfully, baulk at putting people down.

The majority view is the Biblical one: self-reflective reasoning human beings with a special innate, God-given dignity exercising responsible stewardship over creation.

Peter Dolan, Lambton


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