REVIEW: All Our Exes Live In Texas - Lizotte's - June 10

CHARISMATIC: All Our Exes Live In Texas wowed Lizotte's with their bright personality and sweet harmonies.
CHARISMATIC: All Our Exes Live In Texas wowed Lizotte's with their bright personality and sweet harmonies.

IT’S hard to ascertain just who’s having more fun at a All Our Exes Live In Texas gig – the audience or the band. 

Like their name suggests, the all-female indie-folk four-piece are riotously funny. Whether it’s joking about “being rock’n’roll” and accidentally breaking grand pianos or telling stories about watching R-rated reality TV show Naked Attraction backstage, The Exes kept Lizotte’s chuckling.

There’s a Spice Girls or Beatles vibe about the foursome in how they play off each other’s humour. There’s the cheeky Elana Stone (accordion), the sultry and witty Georgia Mooney (mandolin), the sweet Katie Wighton (guitar) and the ethereal Hannah Crofts (ukulele).

All four have beautifully rich voices. But together, the harmonies are simply stunning.

The healthy Lizotte’s crowd was already in a spirited mood for the show following a stirring performance from Ports. 

Folk music is considered a genre rooted in tradition, but the Northern Irish lads diverged when frontman Steven McCool used two iPhones to create an eerie sound effect by whistling and blowing into the mobiles. It left the audience wowed.

The Exes’ set was based on their debut album When We Fell and each member was given their chance to shine on lead vocals.

For four witty women, lyrically their songs are melancholic and dark like the sombre I’m Gonna Get My Heart Cut Out.

There’s definitely not enough accordions being used in popular music and one of the most impressive displays was on the cover of Tame Impala’s Eventually. Stone played a foreboding accordion riff, which was then brightened by a blooming four-part harmony. It was even better than the original.

By their last song in the main set, The Devil’s Part, The Exes were having a blast. Stone and Mooney were even hamming it up for the crowd with ‘80s hair metal poses.

For the encore The Exes took their show to the floor, performing an unplugged version of Don’t Cry. The crowd gave their full attention as Wighton’s guitar and vocal began quietly before being joined by her three bandmates in a harmonic crescendo.

All Our Exes Live In Texas truly endeared themselves to Lizotte’s.


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