Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Tuesday, June 20, 2017

GOOD news the Scotts name is coming back to the corner of Hunter and Perkins streets (‘East End a step closer’, Herald, 16/6).

Fred Saunders, Waratah West

I THINK the Baird Liberal Coalition government got it wrong when they ripped up the Newcastle heavy rail line without an Act of Parliament. The Save Our Rail got it right standing up for law, the Transport Administration Act, section 99a. The people got it right when thousands marched, sent in petitions and voted to keep the heavy rail. A royal commission is needed to find why the government did not observe the law before they ripped up the heavy rail line.

Maureen O'Sullivan Davidson, Swansea

IT’S great to see that Iris Capital is moving ahead with their plans for the David Jones building (‘East End a step closer’, Herald, 16/6). Congratulations to them, and also to Renew Newcastle for reviving and sustaining this and other buildings after the Great Hunter Street Downturn. It makes me wonder if perhaps Iris Capital might be interested in an old post office that could do with some attention.

Michael Jameson, New Lambton

WELL folks, now we have conclusive evidence that climate change are a monumental hoax with Jim Gardiner not being able to see any difference in the climate since he was a boy (Short Takes, 17/6). All of those scientists worldwide who have been working on the effects of CO2 emissions on the environment can now rest easy and stop wasting their time and go and get a real job.   

Robert Watson, Swansea

UNLIKE Jim Gardiner (Short Takes, 17/6)) I do think there has been climate change since I was a boy – it's actually become cooler. Yes, with air-conditioned homes, cars, offices, shops and institutions which surround us all in the current age, I find that the world has cooled. However be reassured Jim, as I look out from the same obelisk as I did as a boy, the world still looks as flat as it ever did.

Luke Taper, Georgetown

IN the interest of balance and the disingenuous, Jeff McCloy was never criticised for his donations (plural) to charity. For years he quietly gave to many good causes and sought no recognition. For which he is to be commended. It was a donation (singular), a big show donation he was criticised for.

Colin Fordham, Lambton

SCHOOL scripture shall no longer be God's word but will now be the word according to the NSW government. I wonder what is planned for the Koran?

George Paris, Rathmines

NSW state government documents have warned up to 2500 buildings in this state are fitted with flammable cladding. How could this be allowed to happen? The answer is Free Trade Agreements. The country is flooded with cheap imports that are not up to Australian standards and we do not have the personnel to check these when they arrive in the country. 

Darryl Tuckwell, Eleebana


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