Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, June 19, 2017

ALLAN Wilkinson (Letters, 17/6) would have us believe that Save Our Rail (SOR) shouldn’t have to pay the legal costs, as ordered, after losing their legal action. If you or I did the same, we would have to pay, and our assets could be seized to repay the debt. SOR took legal action against the NSW government, and lost. Why should they be treated any differently? However, I believe a compromise between the two parties would be the way to go – Joan Dawson cuts the ribbon at the official light rail ceremony and the government writes off the SORry debt.

Neville Morris, Valentine

DEAR Save our Rail and your members, if you don't pay the government’s legal bill, then we the taxpayers will be paying it. I say it's time to cough up and pay. If you had won I'm darn sure you would be screaming for the state government to pay your legal fees.

Andrew Whitbread-Brown, Cardiff Heights

JIM Gardiner (Short Takes, 17/6): It's easy to say global warming is a farce when you don't live on an island in the Pacific that is being inundated by the sea. Or you don't rely on the ice caps freezing over in winter so you hunt for food, and it only freezes for a fraction of the time it used to – both are facts. I hope climate change deniers realise what they are leaving behind for their children.

Dan Kirkpatrick, Karuah

I AGREE with Tim Crakanthorp (Letters, 17/6) about art gallery funding. We are hardly a backwards area. Who could forget Sir William Dobell's contribution to the art scene? I'm reminded of the old-age phrase: 'After all, it's only Newcastle'.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

IF Save Our Rail isn’t responsible for the legal bill, that means the taxpayers of NSW are. Will letting SOR off the hook set a precedent that any group or individual can run up millions in legal fees, lose their case and wash their hands of any responsibility? If so, good luck to SOR, bad luck taxpayer.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

IT was reported on NBN News on Saturday night that the old David Jones building was closing down.  All older viewers (of which I am one) know quite well it is the "old Scotts building" don't they?

Elaine Richards, Salt Ash

SORRY to rock your little boat Jim Gardiner, (Short Takes, 17/6): The world's leading climate observation bodies, NASA and US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, tell us urgent action is needed now. Bureau of Meteorology records show how much climate is changing here.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park


WAS milk better in the past than today?

Yes 85.12%, No 14.88%


CESSNOCK Prostate Cancer Support Group will meet on June 22 at Cessnock Leagues Club from 3pm to 4.30pm. The guest speaker is Stephen McKay from Hunter Discount Specs. The topic is: How not to go blind. Meeting open to all members of the public. Cost is free. For information contact Barry on 4990 4554 or 0457 073 852.


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