Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, June 17, 2017

MALCOLM Turnbull seems back on track to give us his own form of a carbon tax that will cost billions but make no difference to the farce of global warming. Donald Trump has seen through the madness and opted out of the Paris agreement. There is no noticeable difference in the climate now than when I was a boy, and that’s quite a while ago, and if humans think they can control what the climate does, they are dreaming.

Jim Gardiner, New Lambton

I nearly choked on my breakfast as I read the Newcastle City Council advertising supplement on June 14. After all the years of not listening to the community regarding ill-planned transport and race cars tearing up our city I was confronted with this four-page piece of spin. The comments “working together to shape our bright future” with “innovative community engagement” left me stunned. Why am I such a sceptic?

Tony Winton, Wallsend

Mac Maguire (Short Takes, June 13) reckons it's time for tired old voices like Margaret Court, to pipe down and take a nap. How ironic; I've been thinking the same thing about Mr Maguire.

David Stuart, Merewether

Has anyone worked out how much lower insurance premiums would be if insurance companies stopped spending mega dollars on advertising? Our TV screens appear to be saturated with their advertising.

Michael Stevenson, Warners Bay

Shame Newcastle City Council, Shame NSW Government ,Shame Destination NSW for allowing the willful destruction of our Foreshore for a three-day street race.

Maree Hamilton, Newcastle

Darrell Harris, sensible has nothing to do with the jumbo light-rail white elephant (Topics June 14). "Revitalisation" has weakened the nation's leading distance trunk rail corridor, for strong connection with Sydney universe. Pulled back from unrivalled coastal station location. Like buses, any extension will be choked by traffic. Corridor should have been realigned like Sydney's Eastern Suburbs. 

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

Les Hutchinson, the only way to redemption for the human race is to ban religion. This as we know will never happen most wars are over religion and their supposed gods. I’ve never seen two sheep blowing each other up – maybe it's because as far as we're aware they have no religious beliefs.

Brad Hill, Singleton

How many will suffer illness or worse after July 1 because they are too scared to heat their home for fear of energy bills. How are people struggling with mortgages or rents expected to cope with a 20% increase? I am disgusted with the government failing to fix what should be seen as a massive problem. When the power poles were sold, the government promised us it would come with cheaper energy prices but it did nothing to ensure that promise would be kept. Perhaps after reading the Herald by candlelight at 6am I'll be using it with some wood the next morning to heat my cup of coffee.

Ann Ellis, Merewether 


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