Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, June 16, 2017

In my view, Mac Maguire is wrong in his beliefs and assertions. There are good philosophical and societal reasons for not changing marriage. The inequality argument is a flawed piece of clever propaganda.

Clive Jensen, Merewether

Big call Mac Maguire. How do you know the so-called religious extremist majority as you call them are the only ones who oppose gay marriage?  I would suggest the gay lobby does not want to go to a referendum because they fear the silent majority of Australian citizens, many of whom have no religious ties, may not support the legislative change that the gay lobby is seeking.

John Scott, Kahibah

Most people in a footy tipping competition don't put their tips in until teams are named. As a Knights supporter, how bad is it getting if I can't put my footy tips in each week until I know who the referees and bunker officials are? I don't know how you have held your tongue for so long Nathan Brown. This town, and this team saved the NRL from oblivion during the Super League war, and this is what gets dished out to us every week. Even people who don't support the Knights have told me they're getting sick of the treatment we get from match officials. No wonder the team is down on confidence.

Eddie Niszczot, Thornton

The Australian Government has given former and current asylum seekers on Manus Island $70million. I’ve got my bags packed, my fishing gear and I am ready for a stint up north with the prospect of being cashed up in about two years. Oh I forgot, I am not an opportunist planning to go to Australia illegally, I am an Aussie who seems to have no say in what happens in my country. Our Government should be discouraging asylum seekers, not paying for them to sit around, doing nothing and being fed, bedded, and clothed free.

Dennis Crampton, Redhead

Thursday started off as a dreary fog-bound morning as I made my way to Charlestown Square. Having done the necessary boring things I took the time to stop and have my usual coffee. As I relaxed I noticed how many families, both mothers and dads with babies and young children, and it seemed very comforting. As I left the Square the fog seemed to have lifted and the sun shone once again.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

Sorry Dan Kirkpatrick, you are the one who is mistaken. Saddam Hussein was evil, but had no affiliation with terrorist organisations. The 9/11 terrorists were Saudis.  Saudis fund radicalisation camps throughout the Muslim world. The US has just agreed to sell the Saudi Government more than $100 billion in arms. Middle East experts advised that chaos we now have would occur if Bush invaded Iraq, but he wanted to avenge his father's failure, apparently at any cost.

Reg Howes, Valentine


DOES the Jets squad look stronger than last season's?

Yes 94.34%, No 2.83%, Same 2.83%

IS Newcastle gallery being shortchanged?

Yes 73.97%, No 26.03%