Business feature: Life Rebel Chiropractic

Inspiring: Dr Tim Shakespeare, a regular speaker about spinal health, presents in Spain for ChiroEurope
Inspiring: Dr Tim Shakespeare, a regular speaker about spinal health, presents in Spain for ChiroEurope

Poor health - it’s the quiet killer of corporate productivity, costing Australian businesses billions every year in employee absenteeism and partially functioning employees. Yet for those organisations motivated to get to grips with the emotional and physical well-being of employees the benefits are clearly evident, both across the workforce and the bottom line.

Dr’s Tim and Dan Shakespeare of Life Rebel Chiropractic see daily the burden that pain and sickness is having across corporate Australia.

With practices in Carrington and East Maitland, the duo have a holistic approach to health and well being, believing that the power of the body’s ability to heal itself is greatly underestimated.

Unlike traditional practice rooms, you’ll find a more zen like feel at Life Rebel Chiropractic and its deliberate. 

With walls adorned in empowering messages and a vibe that’s more akin to a yoga studio than treatment room, it’s clear this is a vocation for the Shakespeare brothers.

In fact so passionate are they about the health potential that is within everyone’s reach, they have set about educating businesses and their employees in Newcastle and Maitland as to how to take control of their health. Through a series of free lunch and learn sessions delivered onsite to businesses and their employees, attendees can hear first hand how changing your attitude towards your health can trigger huge change for the better.

“In our society, every year we spend more and more money on treating health or should I say managing pain and yet the real focus should be on getting to the root cause of the problem and addressing that,” says Tim Shakespeare.

In a Medibank Workplace Survey into the health of Australia’s workforce, 29 per cent of the surveyed workforce suffer with long-term back and neck pain.

Migraine, arthritis, depression, stress, heartburn are just some of the other conditions regularly affecting workers.

Shakespeare is all too familiar with this growing list, insisting that much of the solution starts with movement.

“Our bodies are not designed to sit all day, no matter how good your posture is - we are built to move,” he added.

With the sessions already rolling out, businesses are quickly tuning into the logic that Life Rebel Chiropractic share about the importance of spinal health.

“Tim presented a refreshing way of looking at our health and more importantly incited passion to take ownership and be proactive – our biggest investment in life is our health,” Natalie Gibson of nabHealth commented.

Sessions include a complementary lunch, to book contact: 4962 3786 for Newcastle or 4933 5134 for East Maitland.