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FISH OF THE WEEK: David Spannenberg of Elermore Vale wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this PB 37cm bream caught from Pirate Point, Stockton.

FISH OF THE WEEK: David Spannenberg of Elermore Vale wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for this PB 37cm bream caught from Pirate Point, Stockton.

The amount of bait in Lake Macquarie is unbelievable, according to Jason “One For” Nunn, from Fishermans Warehouse at Marks Point.

Eight metre rises from base to surface, shimmering like rain drops.

“The Lake is fishing very well and the amount of bait   is the best seen in many years,” Jason said.

“There’s not enough birds to go round and when the water glasses off you can see bait rippling the surface.”

Anglers have been getting a consistent mixed bag of jew bream, flounder, flathead, tailor, salmon and jew.  

“IMay-June into July is always the gun months for this type of fishing,” Jason said.

“No one is not catching anything and although it is cool out on the water, if you’re  casting lures you warm up very quickly.

“Samaki Vibes and 5 inch Gulps are all working well.”

Great pyramids of bait extend  from Fishing Point to Green Point, Coal Point, Valentine and Pulbah Island attracting tailor and salmon, but unfortunately, not every school is holding fish.

“You just have to move from school to school to find where the fish are,” Jason said. “There’s just so many options for the fish. You can see the tailor and salmon cutting through the schools on the bait finder.”

There is some salmon in Salts Bay but a lot of fish have gone straight into the lake. Best option is the run-in tide.

Anglers have been getting heaps of jew, particularly around Coal Point and Valentine. Beaches are fishing really well for bream, salmon, whiting and the odd tailor. Outside has been very quiet.

Bipolar weather

Conditions over the long weekend were an extension of the Melbourne like weather we’ve been experiencing all year.

Squalls bordering on whiteout Saturday, pretty calm Sunday, fine and clear Monday. The fishing has been kind of similar.

“I fished Saturday morning and the weather was diabolical,” Jason said. “I had to point the tinnie into the wind and just hope no one ran into me. I reassessed in the arvo and found more tailor.

“I couldn’t catch a flathead on Saturday but come Sunday  my son Patty bags a dozen and throws a dozen back.”

Bag of goodies

The luderick switch has been flicked up Nelson Bay way, according to the guys at Duff’s Salamander Bait and Tackle, with fish being taken throughout the estuary.

Bag limits have been met in short time as fish respond to  both weed and cabbage.

Matt from Duff’s  fished Friday morning in  blinding rain and managed eight solid fish in 10 casts.

“I was wet down to my underpants but it was worth the effort watching that float disappear and the rod buckle over,” he reported.

If you’re not getting luderick, chances are you’ll pick up a decent bream.

Meanwhile, there’s been great reports of flathead, jew, crabs, tarwhine and bonito all on the chew. 

Gas testing

Event Energy is  scoping out local waters once again for potential gas reserves.

Testing occurred off Catherine Hill Bay in 2005 and caused quite a furore about the impact it might have on local recreational and commerical fishing interests.

Local recreational and commercial fishing reps quizzed the company about the new proposed testing and potential implications at a meeting  held on Thursday, May 25  at the Newastle Co-op.

“The latest  survey is set  to occur in late August, early September across an area about 13 squared kilometres,” said Jason who is the only original member of the committee that dealt with Event Energy back in 2005.

“The location is approximately 30km SE of Newcastle, in water depths from 80m to 200m, with the closest point 10km to the coast. They are looking at an areas of the seabed just behind the Swansea FAD where the sea mantle is raised.”

The company proposes to test for two to three days,  dragging a 900m long cable  along the sea bed.

“The most frustating thing for me is the general public aren’t aware that this is going on,” Jason said.

“If successful, no one knows what the impact will be. Will a gas rig be set up off Catherine Hill Bay with a pipe to Catho as was proposed last time? 

“It’s not a long way out, just behind a very productive reef area known as The Farm.

“And there’s no word on whether there will be more meetings. 

Jason said the co-ordinates for the proposed testing are: 151 degrees 53 minutes 08.50 seconds longtitude;  33-10-24 lattitude.

Marine Park

The NSW Government is encouraging the community to have their say on the draft Marine Estate Management Regulation 2017, which is open now for public consultation.

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