Whales off Lake Macquarie spend about an hour off Swansea heads | photos

PORT Stephens may spruik its credentials as a major stop on the humpback highway, but Caves Beach’s Michelle Hogg is putting the case for Swansea after a stunning Friday encounter. 

WHALES headed to warm northern waters took a moment to play off Swansea on Friday, offering Caves Beach’s Michelle and Paul Hogg a glorious show. 

Ms Hogg captured the antics of two groups of playful humpbacks a mile or two outside Swansea heads, spending about an hour watching the mammoth aquatic creatures frolic. 

 “We went out last weekend and we had to go out past the ship line,” she said. 

They maintained a respectful distance as they followed the groups north towards Redhead as they make their way towards the equator to spawn.