Prime time beckons

FISH OF THE WEEK: Bree Jarman, 11, of Thornton, wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for these two prime luderick hooked at Stockton.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Bree Jarman, 11, of Thornton, wins the Jarvis Walker tacklebox and Tsunami lure pack for these two prime luderick hooked at Stockton.

It’s looking like  user-friendly weather and tide conditions this weekend.

Forecast is mostly sunny over Saturday and Sunday with winds generally from the west.

High tide is a very civilised 9am to 10am-ish both days, making the hour or so either side prime times to hit it.

The new moon will seen enormous tides on the change over, and big movements of water are likely to really spur the fish on.

Orgy of fish

Speaking of fish, Jason “One For” Nunn, from Fisherman’s Warehouse, at Marks Point, reports Lake Macquarie is loaded with bait and although the weather hasn’t been kind, the fishing has been out of sight,

“You not allowed to say it’s an orgy of fish, but it’s an orgy of fish,” Jason said in trademark fashion. 

“There have been consistent reports of  big tailor on the move throughout the lake chasing the bait schools.

“The key is finding the bait schools that are holding the fish.

“Lurking beneath have been some fantastic flathead in the 70cm range.

“Salmon are mixing in with the fish and the other bonus is the jew.

“The amount of jew getting caught on lures is phenomenal.”

Plastic fantastic

Robert Gill is one of those guys who caught a nice jewie on soft plastics this week.

“It’s the first fish I ever caught on plastic,” Robert reported.

“So now I am converted to plastic. It was taken off Swansea drifting.”

Jason reckons the Samaki Vibelicious lures are the go.

“Guys who have never used a soft plastic can use a lure like this with a minimum amount of effort and find they are very successful,” he said.

“They come in different sizes, but 90mm and 70mm  work  really well for a number of species.

“They’re resilient to tailor, with the added bonus they’ll work on the bycatch like snapper, bream and flathead.”

Salmon season

Salmon have turned up in big numbers in Lake Macquarie this week.

“They’ve been getting them on the run-in tides, cracking fish some weighing over 5kg – all getting caught on lures,” Jason said.

“All the way from Lucys Breakwater right down to the bridge.”

Bit tiger

 Father and son combo Ross and Lewis Ireland hooked a 477kg tiger shark off the Shelf last weekend.

Lewis ended up with a few blisters after the three-hour fight.

It took them another three hours to tow it back through very difficult conditions last Saturday night.

It was the second big tiger weighed in as many weeks.

“It’s an unusual phenomenon,” Jason said. “These big fish should have been here in April and we never saw them much through  the season because we had so much current,” Jason said.

“And now we have two fish in two weekends over 400kg.

Who knows, we might see some more with all these salmon around Moon island, along the beach and in the channel.

“There is tailor, bonito and trag getting caught on the inshore reefs suggesting there is warmer pools of water off the coast.”

Payne’s gain

John Payne wasn’t feeling much pain after landing a nice snapper off Newcastle last week. John reckons it put up a bit of a fight, but as we all know, the things worth keeping are the things worth fighting for.

Luderick fire

Luderick have leapt to the top of the leaderboard in terms of winter species in play up Nelson Bay way, according to the guys at Duff’s Salamander Bait and Tackle.

Fish of the Week winner Bree Jarman, 11, from Thornton knows all about that, having hooked a healthy luderick double off Stockton using cabbage.

“They were both over 40cm,” Bree’s dad, Mark, reported. “Both fish put up a hell of a fight, but Bree won the battle.”

Matt, from Duff’s Salamander Bait and Tackle reports good luderick in top condition lurking round the main break wall at Nelson Bay with all local experts reaching their bag limits in no time at all. 

Bream have been active in the same area and the odd kingfish has been spotted cruising by.

Tailor and salmon are active in and around Shoal Bay working on light tackle.

The shortcut at Corrie Island has been producing flathead, while further up in the reaches of Tilliegerry and North Arm Coves, there’s still crabs on the move.

Stockton Beach has been alive with quality bream and there’s been some tailor and jew mixing in.

 Mark Burgess nailed three quality drummer at Birbui on peeled prawns and is leading Duff’s drummer comp for June.

Outside Cod Rock and the Sisters are producing reds to 2kg.

There’s trag and school jew on the 21 reefs while the Gravel is producing flathead.