Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, July 15, 2017

ON returning to Newcastle last weekend from an overseas trip, I was amazed to see the Nobbys beach parkland looking like photographs of Europe following WWII. Apparently, all for a weekend motorfest. That area could not be touched for a light rail beach extension. My thoughts go out to the residents and shop owners of the East End. 

Warren Hayter, Georgetown

PERSONALLY I don't care where Yassmin Abdel-Magied ends up. I just hope she repays her HECS fee if she intends using her engineering degree to obtain work.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

NATHAN Brown and the Knights: Don't worry, the NSW Blues still have more wooden spoons.

Frank Carter, Kahibah

NSW will never beat QLD while the maroons have 14 men on the field. I thought Alfie Langer retired years ago.

John Keen, Gateshead

NOT long now before local polling snags ‘n’ onions. Yeha.

Michael Casey, Merewether

TO PHILLIP Hatch regarding Keith Parsons (Short Takes, 14/7): Well said, mate.

Tony Padgett, Newcastle East

THE whole of NSW public transport is a disgrace. I can get to Adelaide from Fingal Bay faster than I can get to Sydney, and that’s with a few beers at Melbourne before boarding to Adelaide. South Australians may not be the smartest when it comes to energy policy but they do have cheap and efficient public transport city and rural. Perhaps Gladys should go and have a sticky beak.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

WHAT’S all this nonsense about hats and scarves? We wear clothing to go through security checks. How about everyone strips down to their underwear at the airport – or no clothes at all? That sounds fair to me.

Wendy Webb, Belmont

IT’S pathetic. I caught the new XPT from Newcastle station to central in about 1980 – 1.55 minutes, so why in nearly 40 years have we gone backwards? Well one reason is then the State Rail did their own track work and there was no delay, we worked between trains, but now it's all been outsourced to save money and guess what – service suffered. Have you noticed that's what happens when governments sell off assets and maintenance? That's what government was there for, to provide services – no more – back to the future.

Michael Brian, Garden Suburb

TO me, the player of the match should have been given to Alfie Langer, continually in the back line with his water bottle. The blues have not yet observed that the Qld attack is directed by which hand Alfie holds the bottle. Maybe the Blues can use Joey Johns as a trainer to direct play from the rear of the back line with a bottle. Invincible.

Ross Taylor, Tea Gardens 


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