Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, July 14, 2017

A WELL deserved win for Queensland in the State of Origin. I wonder what the score would have been had Johnathan Thurston been playing.

John William Hill, Williamtown

AFTER reading Keith Parsons comments "Only in Newcastle" (Letters, 12/7) it dawned upon me. Funny how all this progress and development is taking place. Unlike when he has was a city councillor and nothing was getting done. You had your time Keith, so how about you stop whinging and let the current council get things done?

Phillip Hatch, Kurri Kurri

TO Pierre Rakus, in reply to "Refugees no more" (Letters, 13/7). “We don't care what your religion is, your gender … the colour of your skin, that's how we don't get involved in these types of bloody conflicts". I remember marching in protest along with hundreds of thousands of fellow Aussies against Bush, Blair and Howard’s war – ‘the war we had to have'. Are you of Australian Aboriginal ancestry? If not, from which home did you or your ancestors come across seas to our girted land? I assume by boat.

Tony Lawler, Newcastle

I SUPPORT Yassmin Abdel-Magied. Imagine if Yassmin had said the “Stolen Generation” is all a myth, Andrew Bolt said that. Imagine if Yassmin had said the war in Iraq is won and over. Andrew Bolt said that.  “Lest we forget”.

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

I COULDN’T agree more with Tony Proust regarding the slow rail service between Newcastle and Sydney (Letters, 13/7). Faster under steam – pathetic. Considering the enormous amount of money the Hunter has filled the government coffers with, from coal alone, the rail service and the treatment of Newcastle is an absolute disgrace.

Lesley Hunt, Merewether

OMG Doug Andrews regarding the removal of head scarves at airports (Short Takes, 11/7): Is this the way it is? Why can't they ask them? The police are allowed to, so maybe we need more police at our airports instead of so-called security guards that just make casual hat wearers uncomfortable instead of checking everyone that's head is covered one way or another.

Michelle Toohey, Barnsley

I THINK Peter FitzSimons with his bizarre assumptions could quite possibly help Newcastle with their power outage planned for this weekend (‘Fossils try to hang on in age of renewables’, Herald, 11/7). If he's moving with the times he should be able to knock up a couple of portable wind turbines and maybe a battery or two, this will no doubt solve the problem.

Brad Hill, Singleton

PEOPLE whinging about mobile phone towers and saying they are dangerous to our health, but you have no problem putting a phone to your ear. 

Colin Geatches, Mayfield


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