Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, July 13, 2017

IF Sydney can't fit anymore cruise ships in, why don't they build a second birth international facility in Newcastle?

David Clarke, Gateshead

DON’T underestimate Brock Lamb people. He is a very good goal kicker and I say this from experience. He kicked more last minute goals to beat my Kurri team that I coached more times than I wish to remember. Broke our hearts. Go get em Brock-Star.

Mick Smith, Weston

DOMINIQUE Ryan's comments (Letters, 10/7) are right on the mark. We will be forced to get out of our home due to the excessive noise of the Supercars event. We think it shameful that laws seemed to have been changed to allow the race to take place three metres from houses. We are absolutely disgusted to see our beautiful parkland destroyed, trees chopped down, roads blocked and choked with traffic. Months of disruption and inconvenience for not only residents, but also businesses, workers, visitors and tourists – for a three day event. Is it really worth it? Is it fair? Come on.

Jill Sharman and Thomas Jervis, Newcastle East

NOW we finally have it confirmed by Malcolm Turnbull that the Liberal party is no longer the conservative party that conservative voters have supported for years, it is now the Turnbull centre right party. No wonder the liberals are going backwards in the polls.

Jim Gardiner, New Lambton

FOLLOWING the high-tax, high-spend federal budget in May, I have pondered whether or not the Liberal Party is simply a watered-down, low-carb version of the Labor Party. Malcolm Turnbull's speech that the Liberal Party is "centrist, rather than conservative" has cemented their position as a mirror image of Labor, both in policy as well as opinion polls. Is it any wonder that many (like myself) have chosen to cease supporting the Coalition and to join Australian Conservatives?

Geoff Stevenson, Singleton

THE tragic death of a homeless man in Sydney really brings it home how people who don’t look for help can be forgotten. Why? They have their reasons, self respect, independence etc. This could be anyone around you. Just be aware. And don't walk away or make the excuse "charity begins at home” for not helping. It’s a cop out.

Robyn Burtinshaw, Nambucca Heads

THIS is my new national anthem, it sums up who we really are: Australians all let us rejoice for we are full of cheer. With golden hops and bottle shops our homeland drowns in beer. Our land abounds with the greatest gifts of beauties and V8s. Let history’s page reflect every stage the advance of Australia’s lairs. No joy in strain the dole will pay advance Australian lairs.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

IN reply to Peter Wessel (Short Takes, 11/7). I feel for Nathan Brown. When he took on the Knights, he didn't actually inherit a team of Superstars, thanks to so called 'Supercoach' Wayne Bennett and others did he? He also inherited a crippling salary cap situation, which won't be solved overnight either.

David Davies, Blackalls Park


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