Google Maps Newcastle's then and now | photos

A FEW years is a long time if you’re a Hunter street, apparently. 

Archival images from Google Streetview offer a time capsule for many major thoroughfares around the region, a notch of how parts of the region have transformed. 

Photos from almost a decade ago captured the region for the first time as the internet giant mapped the earth with its famed camera cars in 2008. 

With much of Newcastle photographed again in February this year, the city’s redevelopment is made much clearer.  

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Scaffolding tumbles off the Great Northern Hotel in the east end while the NeWSpace building rising from nowhere. 

Both Laman Street and Toronto’s Boulevard are stripped bare of leafy canopies while foliage adds feet to its height on Darby and Beaumont. 

Further afield a drive from Sandgate to Jesmond becomes less direct after a step back in time, while Maitland’s Levee gives the riverside precinct an overhaul. 

The Stockland expansion has added an extra bit of height over Green Hills’ Mitchell Drive while the Devonshire Street laneway, home to the famed Star Hotel building, is borderline unrecognisable.

Laman Street, Newcastle

Auckland Street, Newcastle

Maitland Road, Sandgate

Mitchell Drive, Green Hills