Killers jailed but kids facing 'life'



SHANDELE Macey's killers were sentenced to jail terms of nine and almost 11 years yesterday, with grieving family members saying the "life sentence" had been reserved for her two children, who would grow up without a mother.

The men who organised and executed the drive-by shooting on Ms Macey's Rutherford home, 21-year-old Jeremy Michael Hunt and 35-year-old Brian Andrew Kaiser, sat side by side in the dock of the Sydney Supreme Court as they learned their fate yesterday. Both had pleaded guilty to manslaughter.

Justice Graham Barr said Hunt, who fired the .22 rifle three times into Ms Macey's Rutherford home, striking her fatally, would serve a non-parole period of six years and nine months and total sentence of nine years.

Justice Barr said Hunt, of Mayfield, felt no remorse over the killing, as shown by remarks recorded in police phone taps that Ms Macey's death was "probably a godsend" as she was on the "downhill run anyway".

Justice Barr said Kaiser had instigated the reprisal attack on Ms Macey for "imagined slights" over time and drug debts.

Kaiser will serve a non-parole period of eight years and two months and full term of 10 years, 11 months.

Melinda and John Macey said the terms were not as long as they had hoped, but nothing would bring their daughter back.

Mrs Macey said her young granddaughter still had not come to terms with the death. "She doesn't understand why mummy can't come home," she said.

The court heard Kaiser had an intermittent sexual relationship with Ms Macey, which she repeatedly tried to end.

"He had developed a strong resentment of the deceased over a long time," Justice Barr said.

"He thought little of her and decided to punish her. He was persistent in his efforts to inflict punishment by way of revenge."

Justice Barr said Kaiser had nominated the time of the attack as about 1am on March 20, 2006, because he knew he could produce work records, showing he was away from Rutherford at the time.

Justice Barr also sentenced two people who pleaded guilty to being accessories in Ms Macey's death. Ronald Rex Edward Garland, 33, of Mayfield, was sentenced to five months behind bars while Michelle Rowena Rocco 33, of Limeburners Creek, , was given a five-year good behaviour bond.