Truck crash at West Wallsend sparks delays, big clean-up effort

NORTHBOUND motorists on the M1 are experiencing fresh delays near West Wallsend after a truck crash near O’Donnelltown Road.

One of two northbound lanes was closed about 11am, with traffic queued about five kilometres at the scene. 

A heavy tow truck is on its way, with emergency services on site. 

Northbound motorists are advised to allow extra travel time and exercise caution. 

It is the second truck crash hindering drivers on the M1 in the past 24 hours. 

Traffic was banked back for several kilometres on the Pacific Motorway at West Wallsend on Wednesday night after a truck crash.

The truck slammed into the guard rail near the north-bound George Booth Drive exit shortly before 5pm.

Debris, including a tree, were strewn over the motorway, requiring a lengthy clean-up effort.

Authorities closed one north-bound lane and motorists were advised to allow extra travel time.

The Transport Management Centre said there was also a fuel spill.

Police said there were no injuries.