Windale machete attack: Man loses finger over drug debt

Newcastle courthouse.
Newcastle courthouse.

A WINDALE man has pleaded guilty to using a machete to chop a rival’s pinky finger “clean off” over a $150 ice debt. 

Paul Dargan, 23, of Merrigum Street, appeared in Newcastle District Court on Monday where he was arraigned and pleaded guilty to a count of robbery and inflict grievous bodily harm. 

Mr Dargan charged out from behind a sheet at a home in Balemo Crescent at Windale about 10.30am on June 16 last year and attacking a 26-year-old man with a machete.  

The man had been lured there by Dargan’s co-accused, David Alexander Sharp, 37, with promises a drug buyer was willing to pay over the odds for three-and-a-half grams of ice.

Mr Dargan shouted: “Where’s the f---ing drugs c---? Do you think I’m f---ing around?”, according to a statement of police facts. 

He then swung the machete at the victim’s head, who pulled out of the way and put his hand up to shield his face. 

The machete blade struck the victim’s left hand and chopped his little finger “clean off”.

“The victim saw his little finger land in his lap,” police facts state. 

Sharp is listed for sentence on August 18, the court heard.

Dargan’s matter was adjourned to Friday when a date for sentence will be set. 

The pair remain in custody.