Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, October 6, 2017

I HAVE a jar into which I put all my silver coins. Early in December I take it to my bank and empty it into the coin counter. Even those little 5 cents add up and I end up with around $300. I wish I could put all those coins people are throwing away into my jar.

Ann Ellis, Merewether

TO Otto Delew (Short Takes, 4/10): I think Survivor may be a more worthy show – stuck out in the bush. Not having to put up with the useless generation, the mobile phone frenzy, the do-gooders the hypocritical greens, the political correctness, no use by dates, no global warming rubbish, no plebiscite, no guns. Oh, the serenity. A carton of beer, nice steaks and the world's your oyster.

Brad Hill, Singleton

IMAGINE if the American gunman was a USA Muslim who mowed down lost souls. The shock-jocks and cash for comment media types here in the good old United States of Australia would be screaming blue murder. Bolt’s blog would be full of bile from his bloggers who use fake names. Oh by the way, what is the death toll in Iraq now, since the invasion back in 2003? 

Richard Ryan, Summerland Point

I REFER to Dan McGavin’s comment regarding the burnt out cars at National Park (‘Third torched car in as many days’, Herald, 4/10). I concur with his sentiment but I think more consideration and thought should go to the hard working young family with three very young children who have lost their perfectly good family car. Insurance does not cover the extra costs and great inconvenience incurred by these crimes. Throw the book at them when they are caught.

Suzanne O’Brien, Merewether

WHAT is it about today’s parents who don’t want the best for their children? If your child is consistently disruptive in school, it’s not someone else’s problem, it’s yours. Parenting – it’s a difficult job, if you choose to get involved. Spend time talking to your children and teach them the way to make better decisions for the good of us all. What we do and what our children do affects everyone in our society. Parents start setting an example for your children to look up to. 

Steve Page, Wallsend

SO the interim chief executive of Newcastle council condemns the idiots who drove cars on public parks and set them alight? (‘Third torched car’, Herald, 4/10). Good start. Maybe to ensure your term as interim chief executive becomes permanent, why not address the root cause and look into how a car is driven onto a public park? What about bollards or tree planting around perimeters to solve the issue. Use the same budget that sees council hammering local sports clubs with disgraceful fees for average facilities and maybe reduce costs by reviewing maintenance staff required to mow a median strip. Not rocket science, Mr Bath.

Lucinda Crane, Kotara


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