Opinion | Power of self-responsibility | Michelle Crawford

NO EXCUSES: Watch your step, but also take total responsibility for it.

NO EXCUSES: Watch your step, but also take total responsibility for it.

Whenever I am in a situation where someone asks me what my superpower would be if I could have one, I always choose full, total and complete self-responsibility for me and for others surrounding me. 

If we all genuinely, believed, practised and implemented it, the world would become a better place.

I am talking about living in a world of no excuses. 

Instead of saying “the traffic held me up”, we would say “I didn’t allow enough time for the trip, I’ll increase it next time”. 

Instead of saying “I can’t exercise because of the kids” we would say “I am going to include the kids in the way I choose to exercise”. 

As you can see, they are subtle differences, powerful in terms of taking self-responsibility for our world.

I recently read Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin. 

They are former Navy SEAL commanders who have been deployed in many of the world’s hot spots. 

In one of the opening chapters, they tell a story of being in Afghanistan, surrounding a building that their intelligence told them was hiding the enemy. 

Immediately before engaging their weapons they found out that inside the building was, in fact, one of them, a friendly. 

They almost shot their own.

The commander stepped up to own it.

Perhaps you have a team member who is not up to scratch?  You can take full responsibility by ensuring that they are fully trained and understand what personally motivates them.

Maybe you run a business and you use this excuse for doing poorly ‘it was the market, not me, not us’.

Our life is full of choices, if we choose full, total and complete responsibility, we are much more able to create the world, business and relationships we want to see.  

Michelle Crawford is the founder of Newcastle-based human resources firm Being More Human