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Uni students’ revue unleashed

THE concept of Malcolm Turnbull becoming a mentor to Donald Trump is laughable, and that’s how it will be in this year’s University of Newcastle students’ revue, Luke Warm Clap.

Word has it that Turnbull will find himself taking on Trump’s characteristics.

Luke Warm Clap will be staged at the Brennan Room in the Shortland Union Building on the Callaghan campus on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday this week, with shows at 12pm and 6pm.

The cast and crew are aiming for a 60-minute running time.

Admission is free and community members are welcome.

Last year saw the return of a university revue open to students from all faculties after a 20-year break. That revue, The Other Leg, included timeless sketches from older revues, as well as new material.

This year’s revue director, Jordan Grant, who is an information technology student, said it has 14 performers presenting 19 all-new sketches and songs that look at many topics.

One actor, for example, plays the Australian immigration minister pontificating on government reforms aimed at boat people.

There’s a spoof of master chef Jamie Oliver; a comedy sketch drawn from a story about a foreign woman afraid to go near koala bears because she envisages bears as having sharp claws; a send-up of fishermen showing their masculinity by fishing in dangerous places; and a scene showing a boy desperate for money taking his 96-year-old grandfather to a pawn shop and trying to get money for him as an antique.