Perfect chaos: Gunners' season from hell has a silver lining

Chaos usually isn't welcomed at a sporting club but for the Canberra Gunners it's helping to produce some future stars.

That's the view of Gunners coach Shawn McEachin, who says youngsters Glenn Morison and Brody Doran wouldn't have got a chance this year if not for some serious disorganisation.

The Gunners were still coachless three weeks out from the start of the 2017 SEABL season and with an incomplete roster on board, youth was the only way to go.

Now 18-year-old Morison, who looked destined for a year warming the bench, will look to finish his season with a bang on the road against the Sandringham Sabres and the Nunawading Spectres.

"Everyone's talking about Glenn," McEachin said.

"He's done a fantastic job and the irony is if we weren't in the position we were in at the start of the season, being quite disorganised with no coach and no players, Glenn probably would have been 8th or 9th man on the bench and wouldn't have had an opportunity to step up.

"The scenario has been great for him and other guys like Brody Doran...the young boys are doing a very good job and I think if we can retain them they're only going to get better."

The head coach, in his second spell in charge of the Gunners, said he expected the unfancied Morison to go to college.

"I fully expect him to go to college," McEachin said.

"His performances have been better than some of his counterparts at the [Basketball Australia] Centre of Excellence, if you look at the statistics then he is doing a far better job."

Morison has been shooting with a 55.5% accuracy and is averaging over 10 points a game in his rookie season.

The Gunners will take solace from individual numbers as collectively the statistics don't look great with only three wins to their name.

The Gunners have struggled to finish games with several close results not going their way and sit second last in the eastern conference, ahead of fellow strugglers the Centre of Excellence.

Given their predicament, McEachin said he was unsurprised at the results and lamented the black and white nature of success.

McEachin said looking at just the win-loss column was "always the easy way" to measure a team's success, one that discounts significant factors.

He pointed to his side's lack of physicality as crucial, in addition to missing some experience around the court.

"We can compete with any team in speed, enthusiasm and energy but where we're losing games is between the ears and the fact that it's boys against men," McEachin said.

"As the season has gone on the boys are learning to adapt to the physicality but when you've got an 80 kilo 17-year-old against a 90 kilo five year SEABL veteran it's tough.

"We'll need to get some experience and some strength around them to be around them on the training court just as much as on the game court."


Friday: Canberra Gunners vs. Sandringham Sabres at Sandringham Basketball Stadium, 8pm

Saturday: Canberra Gunners vs. Nunawading Spectres at Nunawading Stadium, 7:30pm

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