Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, October 5, 2017

OH NO, I can see it now regarding Gregson bowlo (Letters, 4/10). New lease on old bowlo, Raj's in Gregson, or Gregson’s Serenity Cafe. How about Gregson’s Craft Brew. Lol.

Michael Casey, Merewether

I RESPOND to councillor John Gilbert (Letters, 4/10): You have offered even more excuses than the dole bludgers offer themselves, a stint in the Army maybe? Then again, that requires motivation and effort, it's probably easier to blame the government.

Brad Hill, Singleton

IN light of what has been uncovered in the last couple of decades, I believe respect can no longer be automatically attributed to a person because of the position they hold or the organisation they work for – regardless of whether they are white or blue collar, through to priests and politicians, it has to be earned. That is why I think our Liberal and Labor politicians embarrass themselves when they glibly try and cover up for America’s sham of a president, Donald Trump, in his handling of the North Korea saga. I personally think that it would be very interesting to hear what our politicians honestly think North Korea would do with nuclear weapons anyway.

Allan Earl, Thornton

DURING Donald Trump's visit to Puerto Rico I noticed that he was throwing paper towels to the crowd. I'm sure they will do an excellent job of mopping up.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah 

JOHN Gilbert (Letters, 4/10): Starvation, I believe is a great motivator. Doing nothing for money, what a joke.  National service is what I suggest to install pride in oneself and most of all respect for our nation. Allowing people to drag their asses along the ground with their hand out must stop. As far as generational welfare goes, the baby bonus gave us generation useless. Time for an irreversible sterilisation bonus.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

BOB Hawke, thank you for stating the obvious about the Australian Marriage Law Survey. Let's put the issue itself aside. I've voted in elections, referendums and now an extraordinary non-binding survey. While I await the result by electorate, I do lament that our common wealth should have been better spent.

Garry Blair, Maitland


WHAT’S your favourite TV series?

Breaking Bad 25%, Game of Thrones 25%, The Wire 10.71%, Mad Men 7.14%, The Sopranos 7.14%, Northern Exposure 7.14%, Fargo 7.14%, Battlestar Gallactica 3.57%, Billions 3.57%, Twin Peaks 3.57%, Other 0%


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