Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, October 4, 2017

I AGREE Michael Casey (Short Takes, 3/10). I work in health. I’m just a bit over sport coming before everything else. We could have used the money wasted on moving the rail line on lots of good things.

Sue Fower, Waratah

ONCE again the bus stop at the uni is filthy and now the residents have to walk around broken bottles and filth again. Can’t something been done about this? Like have a council worker come and clean up once a week? It would mean someone is listening to us who have to put up with this.

Kathleen Whyte, Waratah West

Daryl Heslop: More to the point, did Bordeaux and Barcelona replace intercity rail corridors with trams (Letters, 3/10)? Trams are not used for high speed, high volume, high turnover markets. For Newcastle it's about a strong connection with global Sydney, of a sensational beachfront CBD that has an ideal, but now dormant, station.

Graeme Tychsen, Rankin Park

TO Mac Maguire (Short Takes, 2/10): I have not, will not and will never judge anyone. I’m just stating the facts as I see them. Where will we be in 50 years I wonder?

Brad Hill, Singleton

'BELINDA Green for first Australian Presidenta'. Australian Story, ABC, Monday night – inspiring.

Tony Lawler, Newcastle

REGARDING the lead debacle, why do the residents have to pay for contamination they didn’t put there? Secondly, why is the EPA treating the soil like it’s radioactive or full of bacteria? Yes, it’s got lead in it, but it won’t dissolve your fingers if you touch it. 

Peter Grant, Speers Point

WHEN the bride and I set out to conquer the world, everybody was trying to keep up with the Joneses. Good luck to those following in our footsteps. The Smiths are now the benchmarks and it looks like they have raised the bar.

Ron Elphick, Buff Point

I WORKED for the then Commonwealth employment service when it was in Pacific Street, Newcastle. We had many, many people looking for work come in dressed in swimming attire and beach towels draped over shoulders. We'd say, do you really think we are going to send you for jobs dressed like that, go home dress properly and look tidy and then come back. If you pass what we call suitable attire we will then consider sending you for an interview. These days they look 10 times worse and I wouldn't employ anyone looking like that either.

Lorraine Gillett, Fern Bay

DANNY Cummings, well said. It was just a tragic accident. I believe Alex and Cameron have moved on. Finally we got a decent refereeing performance for the grand final. How long did we have to wait for this?

Colin Geatches, Mayfield


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