Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, August 11, 2017

REGARDING the article in Topics, how cool would it be if you saw a bus go past full of Storm Troopers and driven by Darth Vader? Budget cutbacks affect Imperial forces as well as humans.

Peter Grant, Speers Point

JOHN Howard, when prime minister, decided Australia would attack Iraq, despite the majority of Australians not agreeing, according to the polls, and the largest protests ever. Yet, this government wants a plebiscite on an issue the majority of Australians support and which affects only about 10 per cent of the population. Go figure. 

Joan Lambert, Adamstown

WELL said Joan Browning about dangerous Supercars’ noise levels (Letters, 9/8). World Health Organisation guidelines put even 85 decibels of sustained noise as dangerous for kids. Council not only condones this recognised health hazard, but promotes it and pays for it. Negligence?

John Beach, Cooks Hill

I THINK it’s natural to amalgamate Newcastle and Lake Macquarie because really we are one city. Being separate cities, we are not receiving our fair share of funding. A larger population enhances the prospects of more funding. So come on people, let’s not fight for state and federal funding, let's get together for the benefit of our citizens. Onwards Newlake City.

Maurizo Zalar, Belmont

DON’T you worry Jenny Roberts of Scotties (‘Pole position ‘a slap in the face’ for cafe vista’, Herald, 11/8). I'd say mid afternoon Saturday for the Supercars top 10 shootout the pole probably won't be standing anyway. What twit would put a pole there anyway? Should be underground and lighting remotely from both shop and units.

Darryl Horne, Waratah

TO Mac Maguire (Short Takes, 9/8); I love you, I honestly love you.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

YES Patrick Keim (Letters, 9/8), in terms of social development, we are going backwards. Part of the reason for that is because we have forgotten that the main reason for marriage is how societies bring kids into the world and successfully raise them. The quickest and best way to deal with the issue is for Labor to support the government's quasi referendum plebiscite.

Clive Jensen, Merewether

I EXPECT every constituent from any district at the upcoming council elections to infer that the nominees for candidature; particularly those pseudo independents with their far right redolences have been properly potty trained. If after the event one effect is a stench; its cause was that none of us wanted to check.

Dave Wilson, Bar Beach


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