Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Saturday, August 12, 2017

LAWS against the homeless and you tell me it's a free country, only if you have money, hey Malcolm.

Craig Budden, Hamilton

TOO much knowledge, it has been said, is a dangerous thing and with a recent US study concluding we all probably contain "a large proportion of galaxy-hopping material" from other clusters of stars, some particles travelling up to one million light years", I tend to believe it. One million light years? I'm outta here. My head hurts.                

Ron Elphick, Buff Point

JOHN Howard, when prime minister, decided Australia would attack Iraq, despite the majority of Australians not agreeing, according to the polls of the day. Yet, this government wants a plebiscite on an issue that the majority of Australians support and which affects only about 10 per cent of the population. Go figure. 

Joan Lambert, Adamstown

MEMO Paul Keating, the $9.9 billion CBA profit, if still in government hands, could have built quite a few schools or hospitals. So much for Labor principles.

Alan Metcalf, Stockton

DESCRIBING some words written in frustration as vandalism is an exaggeration worthy of Donald Trump.  The authors of these were incensed over council’s vandalism which seems to go unquestioned.

Don Owers, Dudley

I TOO have to apologise for an oversight. Forgetting to include facts about Liverpool St station: within the City of London and the third busiest in the UK, in truth hardly a minor one built in 1874. So, long after Mike Sargent’s 1846 Act of Parliament. There is only one rule for holes, Mike. When you find yourself in one, stop digging.

Colin Fordham, Lambton

OUR Muslim friends should at least have something to smile about now that they find the most important issue in their new homeland is same-sex marriage. 

David Stuart, Merewether

IN responses to Joan Browning (Letters, 9/8). What about those parents who allow the children to use headphones from their iPods and smartphones not knowing how loud they are and for what length of time? Also school discos they attend are a place of high noise. Why do the residents refuse to acknowledge the dangers of these, they themselves are causing?

Mark Creek, Adamstown

BILL Slicer (Short Takes, 10/8), I am also a loyal supporter who has been following them for the last 30 years, rarely missing a home game. I have come out of that stadium plenty of times p****d off just as much as the next person. I agree you have got the right to bag them, but when you bag them in the media all the time you, I think you are on the same level as the Knights knockers.

Bob Berlin, Stockton


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