Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Wednesday, August 9, 2017

IN reply to Tony Mansfield (Letters, 7/8): Thank you – could not have put it better myself.

Suze Miceli, Mayfield

WOW. I see it but I don't believe it. I actually read something from old adversary Steve Barnett that I agree with (Letters, 8/8). Even a vego and a butcher have some things they agree on it seems. Maybe it was the partial eclipse of the moon this morning. PS, great letter from Ann Ellis.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown

BILL Slicer, you are a typical fair-weather supporter (Short Takes, 7/8). You bag the Knights when they lose and you are quick to jump on the wagon again when they win. A true supporter takes the good with the bad.

Bob Berlin, Stockton

FORTY million dollars on a pointless postal plebiscite. Unexplained $30 million to Fox. $35 million in cuts for Newcastle University. Great priorities Malcolm.

Reg Howes, Valentine

I WAS pulled up at set a lights in Newcastle and I saw eight people texting on their phones. I went up to the next and saw four talking on their phone. How hard is to stay off your phones? If it's important they will ring back. Wait until you are out of the car to answer your text messages and phone calls, if you haven't got hands free.

Reg Jones, Waratah West

WOULD it have been better if the top end of Newcastle been remodelled in its beauty, slowly from the past and present, and the old trees left standing and the car races held at Industrial Drive – no speed bumps to remove and more places to view the race.

Alan Ackroyd, Hamilton

OUR golden girl Betty Cuthbert will never be forgotten. I was privileged to see Betty in action when I attended the 1956 Olympic Games in Melbourne when she ran to glory.

Bruce Donaldson, Kahibah

SORRY, Mike Sargent (Short Takes 8/8). The City of London, also known as The Square Mile is actually 1.2 miles square. Give up on the monopoly board and look at an actual map. It contains the following above ground stations and lines. On the through line I mentioned, Blackfriars and City Thames Link stations. Then there are Fenchurch St, Liverpool St, Moorgate stations and Canon Street on the South Eastern line with Blackfriars again. Some are physically linked to a tube station with the same name.

Colin Fordham, Lambton

MIKE Sargent (Short Takes, 8/8): If you go to Open Street Maps and search for City of London you will note it shows the borders. There are 16 stations, mostly for the Underground. There was an underground station opened in 1990 called City Thameslink, that is what the NSW equivalent would be for suburban and interurban network. It was opened to provide a direct link to other parts of the network. And for the underground, there is a station called Bank that is roughly in the centre. There are Underground lines that radiate in many directions from Bank within the City of London.

Dennis Taylor, Adamstown Heights


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