Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Friday, September 22, 2017

I AM horrified at the desecration of the heart of Newcastle. Our beautiful shoreline which should be attracting thousands of visitors is now an ugly construction site and no-go zone for months, all due to greedy self-serving promoters and council. It could have been held somewhere safe and easy to get to. Those who are looking forward to the event may find that they are not even welcome to enjoy it.

Suzi Piggott, Mayfield East  

WHY does my anonymous same-sex marriage vote have a barcode? I smell a rat. Tell me what it means government, we’re not that stupid. I have returned my vote minus the barcode. Is it going to be treated as a donkey vote? I bet it does. Another total waste of money.

Darryl Horne, Waratah

IT was interesting to read the Opinion by Bob Hawes in the Business section of the Newcastle Herald (‘Tapping Chinese visitor market’, Herald, 19/9) where he said: "Chinese tourists spent a record $8.9 billion in Australia in 2016". It would be interesting to read where and how exactly this $8.9 billion was spent. More information please.

Maria Pye, New Lambton

WITH a number of post boxes around my area obviously identifying themselves as accepting ‘yes’ votes only, I made sure I deposited my survey vote in what I hope was a non-discriminatory receptacle.

Greg Hunt, Newcastle West

I HEARD on the radio today that the NSW government has cut Services NSW by 25 per cent. After going into their Wallsend office to register my car, I was sent over to a computer and told to do it myself. I asked for service by a staff member and was told there would be a 20-minute wait and it would be quicker to do it myself. Service? What service?

Jo Coombes, Mayfield West

IN reply to Melville Brauer (Short Takes, 20/9): Gay marriage postal vote, $122 million, certainly a no-brainer. Considering hospitals and schools could use more money, also pensioners, and many others are living below the poverty line battling to pay their extortionate electricity bills.

David Davies, Blackalls Park

I AM on record as passionately opposed to the upcoming Supercars event. However, comparing it in any way with Hitler’s treatment of the Jews is absurd, just as the fear of a majority ‘yes’ vote on marriage equality is absurd.

Geoff Hassall, Birmingham Gardens

WITH climate change becoming more and more evident and catastrophic with each passing year, isn't it time our ideologically stubborn government stopped telling us how "impossible" it is to rely on renewable energy? "Impossible" is an attitude Malcolm, not a policy.

Mac Maguire, Charlestown


WHAT is the answer to driver distraction on Hunter roads?

Phone-disabling technology 14.18%, Updated road rules 2.48%, In-car technology 24.47%, Increased police detection of mobile phone use 7.8%, All of the above 51.06%


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