Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Thursday, August 10, 2017

IS there any truth in the rumour that the planned renovations for the American White House include the installation of a revolving door on the staff entrance?

Ian Stewart, Elermore Vale

MARK Dultry (Short Takes, 7/8): The Junction is one of my favourite suburbs in Newcastle but it's only a neighbour of Merewether. It's not Merewether or New Lambton. Lucky it's not Mayfield or Beresfield or you wouldn't even have a garden.

Colin Geatches, Mayfield

YEARS back the term ‘king hit’ was changed to ‘coward punch’. Now is the time to re-term terrorism, as ‘religious cowardism’. Had the bombers achieved their goal of downing an Australian aircraft, their worst possible punishment would have been ‘life without parole’. Three meals a day, healthcare, dental, accommodation, family visits and the option to appeal? What about the families, friends and loved ones of the possible 500 victims? Nothing, but an ‘I'm sorry’ from the prime minister, with a promise that ‘we are doing all we can’. Enough of this rubbish in ‘the lucky country’. Bring back capital punishment and let the kin of these radicals have front seat to their executions. Simple answer to all. Australia, love it or leave it. I’ll even help you pack your bags.

Darren McDougall, Lambton

AS a stickler for absolute accuracy I feel that I must admit to an error in my correspondence regarding there being no railway stations in the centre of London. As I stated, an 1846 Act of Parliament forbade the building of railway stations in the City of London. Whilst it was the intent of my letters to refer to major railway stations, Euston, Paddington etc; I must admit Fenchurch Street station is located in the City of London. It was built in 1841, obviously prior to the Act of Parliament, and is but a minor rail hub but is in truth a railway station. I apologise for my oversight.

Mike Sargent, Raymond Terrace

FIRST around $70 million of taxpayers’ money was wasted on refugees on Manus Island, now it looks like $123 million will be spent on this same-sex marriage fiasco. It makes you wonder what's next.

David Davies, Blackalls Park

I SPENT a fortnight in John Hunter Hospital, following brain surgery. I then spent three weeks in Rankin Park Hospital’s south ward for rehabilitation. I was so impressed with the treatment from the nurses, doctors and physios. I would like to thank them all for their care, expertise and kindness.

Clarrie Boekenstein, Williamtown

IN reply to Bob Berlin (Short Takes, 9/8). I don't consider myself to be a fair weather supporter, I consider myself an honest and loyal one. I have been a Knights member for many years and have hardly missed a home game. As a supporter I feel I have the right to bag the team when they deserve it and praise them when they play well. 

Bill Slicer, Tighes Hill


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