Newcastle Herald Short Takes: Monday, September 18, 2017

ACCORDING to a report on ABC’s 7.30 on September 14, it is estimated it will cost in excess of $1 billion to keep Liddell open beyond 2022, as the Turnbull government is advocating. My suggestion to Mal and Josh is this, why not invest this in renewables? The environment will thank you.

Beverly Page, Adamstown Heights

AS a Labor safehold, nothing will ever be done about removing Adamstown railway gates. How about this: stop freight rail traffic between 7am and 9am and again between 3pm and 5pm from traversing through Adamstown – easy. Newcastle is afforded the privilege of school drop off and pick up time and workers use this route on these times, thus allowing Novocastrians to "get on with life" rather than waiting for a train that brings a city to a stop.  Wake up you people. You may own the rail but you shouldn't have a mortgage on our lives and travel times.

Darren McDougall, New Lambton

WELL it seems ending intolerance and bigotry is not as simple as black and white. We now know it is a cancer as diverse as the colours of the rainbow. As Cindy Lauper, a gay icon, once sang I see your true colours shining through.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

THE people of Port Stephens, particularly those in the red zone are entitled to ask their politicians where they stand on this issue. I was shocked at the anger and disillusionment of voters while handing out at one of the local booths, people feel abandoned by both sides of politics with no one to turn to for help, someone must step up and offer support to these people.

Brian Crooks, Scone

A MESSAGE to the thoughtless people whom I've witnessed sneezing into their hands. You may not be aware that you could be spreading the 'flu germs who are waiting in the wings hoping to contaminate their many little friends.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah 

HMMM marine rescue lease terminated on Shepherds Hill, so what could the council replace them with? Like every other vacant space in Newcastle is occupied by. Bloody coffee shop.

Michael Casey, Merewether

CONGRATULATIONS to Nelson Bay under 11s rugby union team – two years two losses and two grand final wins. Great effort. Champion side, champion parents and champion coaches.

Brad Hill, Singleton

ONE of the draw backs of religion in today’s society is caused by those that want to impose their beliefs on the public that they are dealing with. Why anyone would want to patronise a business or organisation that doesn’t think they are good enough to deal with is beyond me. Let them and go broke I say, if they want to segregate because of differences in people’s make up.

Allan Earl, Thornton


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