Review | Play in a Day 8

Theatre Review

Play in a Day 8

NTC Theatre, August 5

NEWCASTLE Theatre Company’s annual Play in a Day event shows how people involved in theatre can produce quality work in 24 hours, with this year’s five plays, ranging from 10 to 17 minutes, having the audience in fits of laughter.

The opening work, In a Daze (writer Dudley Horque, director Adelle Richards), had a young woman repeatedly tossing a coin and frustratingly finding it always coming up “heads”. A friend (Natasha Steggles) repeatedly visited, and the pair’s conversations amusingly included lines from Shakespeare plays.

The Waiting Game (writer Bree Cunningham, director Noel Grivas) had three contestants (Annalie Hamilton, Aimee Cavanagh, Alastair Anderberg) eagerly awaiting making an appearance in a TV reality show, Fame and Fortune. Bare Necessities (writer Debra Hely, director Dudley Horque) showed two uni students (Jake Gillies, Kurt Robinson) interacting with a real estate agent (Peter Oliver) who doesn’t check the premises he has for lease. Rocket Rage (writer Keith Olbery, director Stephen Box) had two uniformed people (Bree Cunningham, Matthew Collins) in a space ship, Celestial 6, repeatedly trying to contact their Earth HQ after the male flyer had suffered an attack on a planet. And the closing work, Spent the Day Spa-ing (writer Jake Gillies, director Lesley Coombes), had a bullying woman spa attendant (Amelia Chorton) sparring with a bearded male wearing a woman’s swimming costume (Guilherme Noronha) in a training session.