Tamworth and New England reacts to Barnaby Joyce New Zealand dual citizenship

The nation is divided. Well, is you believe a couple of hundred Facebook comments anyway. Kiwi-gate has more Australian’s divided than the aftertaste of Vegemite.

News of Barnaby Joyce’s New Zealand dual citizenship has split his New England electorate.

The real issue is that, under section 44 of the Australian constitution, you cannot hold dual citizenship and stand in parliament. The obscure constitutional law has caused all kinds of havoc in Canberra lately, as politicians from every corner of the house are “surprised” to discover they are dual citizens.


Most have stood down, or stepped away from ministerial duties, but Barnaby says he will stay until Kiwi-gate is resolved by the High Court.

Meanwhile, the court of public opinion is out on the biggest Barnaby bombshell since he threatened to kill a couple of celebrity terriers:

Messages backing Barnaby 

Chris Wind: “A country just can't claim you as a citizen –  there has to be some intent. Stay put Barnaby – you’re no more Kiwi than I am.

Dianne Case: I support Barnaby. He has worked his butt off for the New England region. We are all immigrants if we go back for enough.

John Stevens: For heavens sake he was born in Tamworth at the Base Hospital. That makes him Australian. No question.

Those questioning his decision to stay on

Shirley Kirkmann: I thought section 44 was black and white? Or does that only apply when its other people?

Gaye Chillingworth-Foster: Remember how gleeful the Libs were when the Greens had dual citizenship?!

Shawn Cain: If this is true, let's see if the same rules apply to the Nationals as did the Greens?

Those who saw the funny side

Kiri Finlay: Depp will be having the last laugh now!

Arnie Jones: I always noticed his sheepishness.

Guy Watts: We swapped him for Russell Crowe.