Newcastle public dog pool at Adamstown's Dogoverboard

EVERYBODY loves a swim – including the Hunter’s dogs, who have Australia’s only public purpose-built pool for canines at the tips of their paws in Adamstown. 

Canine care centre Dogoverboard boasts the heated pool, complete with a ramp for arthritic and injured dogs, open to the public seven days a week. 

Dogoverboard owner Cheryl Shaw said the pool had been there for more than 17 years, installed by a previous owner, and remained open to all comers.

It is used for a range of uses including non weight-bearing exercise for elderly or injured dogs, exercise for others and even birthday parties.

Ms Shaw said the enclosed area allowed dogs to swim without disappearing from the beach or refusing to come when called. 

“In Australia I think there are about five pools for dogs but most of them have steps, and some dogs that need to swim may be suffering a lot,” she said. “We get a lot of labs and border collies, dogs that really do need to exercise.”