Big wind gonna blow

FISH OF THE WEEK: Rylan Roach, Shaye-Laura Russell and Reanna Betwell win the prize for this bag of trag and snapper hooked off Broughton Island last Sunday.

FISH OF THE WEEK: Rylan Roach, Shaye-Laura Russell and Reanna Betwell win the prize for this bag of trag and snapper hooked off Broughton Island last Sunday.

Big winds are going to blow fishos to closed waters this weekend, with  big seas sure to test the mettle of anyone considering getting outside.

Actually, just forget going outside. Swell will approach six metres on Saturday.

The western fringes of Lake Macquarie or Port Stephens will be a better bet, in the protection of the lee of the wind.

It’s not all bad news from a fishing point of view, according to Jumpin’ Johnny Frith, from Fishermans Warehouse at Marks Point.

“If you’re fishing the lake,  there’s plenty of tailor and salmon about and they love to feed when it’s blowing hard.  The wind breaks up the water and gives them cover.

“And you can be sure there’ll be things hanging around feeding underneath.”

John reports there’s been plenty of salmon in Swansea Channel this week, along with “shitloads” of leatherjacket,   responding to peeled prawns.

Normally a curse outside, the lure of leatherjackets might excite in the blowy conditions.

“They’re great eating eating and put up a fight, and you can fish the channel in winds up to 30 knots if you’re keen,” John said.

Tailor have been about with nice fish up and over the 1kg mark and a few smaller flathead lurking underneath.

“Up to 40cm and fairly lethargic, hanging with the tailor schools,” John said.

Brock Euston, of Thornton, caught a 6kg flathead on 5kg line last weekend whilst fishing with his dad in lake.

Salts Bay has been holding lots of bream of a night.

John also suggested chasing the warm water around Vales Point, in the dark and go for bream.

“It works OK when there’s a bit of wind down there, if you’re fishing off the bank,” he said.

Pick ya window

It’s all about picking your windows in this windy type of weather pattern, John said.

“If you’re lucky enough to get one day, then you go,” he said. “This wind is supposed to drop right off Sunday, then start blowing 20 knots by Monday afternoon.  So find your windows and jump through them and try not to get cut doing it.”

Texas holds em

A couple of guys have ventured wide this week and south, reporting plenty of kingfish on the jig down around Texas. 

“Guys tell me they were everywhere, but not biting on live baits,” John said. 

”Also heard of a  few long-finned perch out in the deeper water around the 65-fathom.

Big seas and big winds, 6m on Saturday, building to 6m

Ripping in

Talking of fishing outside, this week’s Fish of the Week winners, Rylan Roach (six years old), Shaye-Laura Russell (15) and Reanna “Betty” Betwell (15) ventured out to Broughton Island on Sunday with skipper Brooke Roach (Rylan’s dad) to catch trag and snapper.

“Betty and Shaye landed their personal best considering they have never been outside before,” Brooke reported.

“Rylan [Brooke’s son} and Shaye [niece] caught the trag. It was a good day with plenty of fish caught and the kids experienced seeing the whales and dolphins on display playing around near the boat.

“We used pilchards, mullet and prawns for bait. Rylan was very upset that we had to pack up and go home and wanted to stay longer.”

Rock and roll

Paul “Ringo” Lennon, from Tackle World Port Stephens, reports it’s been a great year for luderick up Port Stephens way with every rock, boulder and breakwall producing overtime.

“There’s also heaps of drummer around in the white water – solid fish up to 2.5kg,” he said.

“Been a few nice groper in the clear water too.”

Snapper have been hit and miss with some doing OK and others not.

“Father and son combo Reece and Scott Pateman worked Fingal over the weekend with plastics and got fish up to 5kg,” Paul said.

“There’s been a few kingfish caught outside and it won’t be long before they start  to happen inside the bay as the water warms up.”

Bream have been impressive through winter with good numbers being taken  around the structures up near Soldiers Piont.

“Customer Ray Fuel has been getting stuck into bream and early flatties from Soldiers Point up to Karuah this week,” Paul said.

Rocks, headlands and points have been producing tailor of a late afternoon and early morning.

Beaches have been mainly throwing up tailor, salmon and bream in the gutters on the high tide with the odd winter whiting about.

This weekend, with the big blow predicted, Paul suggests anglers head to Soldiers Point on the Nelson Bay side.

“That region will be out of the westerly, or try the inside of the Nelson Bay marina.

“The swell will make the beaches and ocean rocks a write-off.”