TO Michael Stevenson, the old bloke sitting on the tree stump in the BCF ad is going to be me one day, I hope. I reckon The White Lady Funerals ad is as sexist as you could get. Imagine the reaction if it was White Gentleman Funerals.

Steve Barnett, Fingal Bay

DOES anyone know if in China, India or Indonesia the rainbow brigade have set up a base camp or made any progress in having marriage changed from being a heterosexual union to an asexual union.

Clive Jensen, Merewether

GREAT to see Jeff Corbett back in the Newcastle Herald with his topical and interesting articles. I hope that during his absence Jeff has learned to appreciate the gastronomic delights of some offals which he lambasted in an article some years ago.

John William Hill, Williamtown

I HAVE just heard of the “Final Departure Bridging Visa”, being issued to asylum seekers in Australia. They fled for their lives. Like in our under-funded hospitals, next we will find the dead listed under “uncontactable”.

Andrew Spannenberg, Mayfield

EXPECT delays at McDonald Jones Stadium during the week as fumigators will be spraying for termites and white ants due to the amount of wood the Knights have collected over the last three seasons.

Darren Sparks, North Lambton

MICHAEL Stevenson, yes you are prudish. There’s nothing wrong with the ad. I think it’s BCFing funny.

Colin Geatches Mayfield

SO Ms Nelmes has installed smart parks in CBD for easier parking. Does this whacky council know its illegal to be looking at an app on a phone while driving around looking for a park? 

Michael Casey, Merewether

FOLLOWING on the heels of the Knights’ great win in 1997 we shouldn’t forget another triumph: 2001. I’m sure Phoenix will again rise from the ashes.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah

WHILE I don't live in Newcastle East, I'm concerned about the impact the Supercar races will have on residents. John Church is the lead candidate for his team in this area, and I'm wondering whether he supports the race in its location. My view is that it’s the right race in the wrong place. 

Ross Edmonds, Waratah

REFUSAL of ALP politicians to present evidence they have renounced their dual citizenship is a mirror image of the burqa imbroglio, with a recalcitrant minority continuing to conceal their identity from the public while the rest of us are not allowed to do so. Well might Samuel Johnson have said, "If you have nothing to say, say nothing". We are stuck with too many who have nothing to say and keep right on saying it.

Ron Elphick, Buff Point 

IN regards to the same sex marriage debate, to be truthful, I couldn’t care less how the vote goes, I’m sick of hearing about it.

David Davies, Blackalls Park