'Nazi slur' levelled at Shooters' Cootamundra by-election candidate, sparks potential political firestorm

Former Cootamundra MP Katrina Hodgkinson.
Former Cootamundra MP Katrina Hodgkinson.

The former Cootamundra MP has responded to Matthew Stadtmiller’s pre-selection for the Cootamundra by-election in dramatic fashion on social media.

Ms Hodgkinson replied to the 33-year-old’s candidacy through her official Twitter account with the phrase “Zieg Heil”.

The Nazi inference has outraged Mr Stadtmiller and party associate Robert Borsak with both calling for a formal apology from Ms Hodgkinson, Ms Cooke and Deputy Premier John Barilaro. 

“My father escaped Buchenwald concentration camp at the end of World War II and I am disgusted by Ms Hodgkinson’s slur against our by-election candidate,” Mr Borsak said.

“The gloves are now off.

“Any respect we once had for her is now gone.”

Guns lobby group Firearm Owners United have also weighed into the debate.

“We expect this sort of thing from Greens candidates, not from outgoing Nationals,” group president James Buckle told the Herald on Thursday morning.

“It’s just another sign the Nationals have abandoned their rural constituents and we’ll be actively lobbying against them in the Cootamundra by-election.”

The Herald has contacted the former Member for Cootamundra and the Nationals Party for comment. 

More to come.