Sink your teeth into Mr P’s

There are many reasons to think  "Outside the Square" when shopping in Charlestown

One of the most delicious is Mister P's Burger Bar,  on the corner of Pacific Highway and Charlestown Road.

A funky new foodie joint  sporting  a retro vibe in the heart of Charlestown, Mr P’s is the brainchild of  husband and wife team Mark and Katrina Phillips – the original Mr and Mrs P.

Their burger bar  is bright,   fun  and Katrina admits you can “ expect to hear old school 90s music”. 

With Mark (Mr P) a trained chef and Katrina  having always worked in hospitality, it was a natural fit to follow their hearts. In 2017 they took the plunge.  

There are 10 burgers on the menu, with the option to create your own and add as many patties  as you like.

Or why not mix it up, combining two of the burgers together?

All ingredients are sourced locally and put together by hand with love.

“We are the only upmarket burger joint in Charlestown and have been told  it’s great to have something local without needing to travel all the way into the city to get a decent burger,”  Katrina said.

“We make all our burgers  and ingredients in house including the sauces, onion rings, beetroot and hand-cut fries. 

“As we are a family business we like to treat everybody as part of our family so you will get great customer service tailored to your needs.

“We cater  to all  requests and-or food intolerances and have gluten-free, vegetarian and lactose-free options.  

“We even have gluten-free desserts.”

Kartrina is passionate about her unique burger business and proud to be providing genuine service and value for money to the locals of Charlestown.  

“Charlestown is a supportive community,” Katrina said. “I love that everyone sticks together and helps each other out.”