Newcastle Herald Short Takes September 13 2017

With so many things, timing is important. So I suppose it was just a coincidence that the report on noise levels made by the Supercars was released a day after the council elections?

Ross Edmonds, Waratah 

In regard to Saturday’s story (“Sinking feeling, Herald 9/9): Masterton Homes have a seven-year warranty on their buildings.  Are they fair dinkum?

Ken Harvey, Warners Bay

They say you get the government you deserve, I guess that goes for local governments too. The people of Port Stephens had the chance to vote for change but instead opted for more of the same (“Port’s chains claimed as Maitland races on”, Herald 11/9). You asked for it, now stop whinging and live with it. After all, you deserve it.

Brian Crooks, Scone

Well surprise, surprise: the Supercars noise report gets released two days after the council elections (“Lipstick on a pig’: East End takes aim at Supercars noise plan, Herald 12/9). I can only imagine the meeting with all the bigwigs in furious agreement that the report be kept top secret until after the election. A scene that's surely inspiration for the next series of Utopia, called Newtopia.

Andrew Myors, Newcastle East 

The High Court’s green light for the marriage plebiscite prompts a spray from Les Hutchinson (Letters 9/9), dumping many or most of us into his ‘basket of deplorables’: under-educated, unread, multi-ignorant, multi-prejudiced and stupidly racist. As one who would qualify, I suspect, as one of Les’ deplorables simply because I disagree with same-sex ‘marriage’. I acknowledge the effectiveness of his comments. Les’ letter, in my opinion, will gain more supporters for the no case than any piece of reasoned argument that I have read recently. Well done Les! Keep up the good work!

Peter Dolan, Lambton

The other day I came across a copy of the Newcastle Morning Herald dated May 9 1945. On the front page was a picture of Novocastrians celebrating the cease-fire of the War in Europe. Reading through I saw many items which are featured in today's issues. One piece was a movie from the Victoria Theatre which today is experiencing a resurgence. Last but not least letters to the editor, which I'm sure has never lost its popularity.

Daphne Hughes, Kahibah 

I would like to know how much money was wasted on the phone calls we received on Friday for the local election. How did they get hold of phone numbers that are silent numbers? It is enough that you have to run the gauntlet before going to vote but to be rung at home and pestered by them. Money wasted and I hope it was not Newcastle people that had to pay for it.

Marilyn Frost, Hamilton North 

NRL boss Todd Greenberg said no team missed out on the finals because of refereeing decisions. Apparently he didn’t watch any football at the weekend.

John Keen, Gateshead


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