Newcastle Herald Short Takes September 14 2017

Ann Ellis (Letters 12/9) you can come pick my plebiscite form up as my bin is so much closer than the post office.

Michael Casey, Merewether

A Coalition senator during question time on Monday in part reply to an Opposition question stated "We are a country of vast resources". I wholeheartedly agree with the Senator but it makes one wonder why this wonderful country of vast resources is $40 billion in debt. Mismanagement perhaps?

John William Hill, Williamtown 

In reply to Glen Humphries’ article on mobility scooters (“It’s time to make mobility scooter riders slow down”, Herald 12/9), I take offence to what he wrote. I would love to be able to walk but I can only do very short distance. He said that most scooter riders were overweight people. If I did not have my scooter I would not leave the house. I only hope he never needs one. Surely he can find better stories to do then to make fun of disabled people.

Kathy Williams, Cessnock 

What is this ridiculous thing about marriage equality? Marriage in all my dictionaries is a union between a man and woman. I am not against a union between two men, but it can not be called marriage. Contract or proof is normal, but definitely not marriage.

Don Johnson, Belmont

I went to vote on Saturday the 9th September, 2017 at Callaghan College as I have done for many years. I was sent from one table to another and back again as they couldn't find my name. I ended up at the declaration table who had run out of forms as so many were left off the voting list. I rang the Electoral Office on Monday who said I was on the list. How many vote where lost in this council election through not being able to vote?

Lynne Mckinnon-King, Jesmond 

Extending the life of a clapped out power station like Liddell is much like re registering an old  car with a blown motor, no matter how much rego on it, it isn’t going nowhere and its too expensive to fix.

Brian Crooks, Scone

I heard Tony Windsor interviewed on ABC radio a fortnight or so ago. He's still as intelligent, calm, and decent as ever; and importantly, good-natured and humorous, - the very ideal of a statesman. I gather he was welcomed as a party to the High Court's deliberations around the dual citizenship several parliamentarians failed properly to declare prior to nominating for Parliament. Who knows?  Tony Windsor might well represent New England again, as many in that electorate would still be hoping.

Suzanne Russell, Rivett ACT

I read Jeff's comments with interest (Precious in the East End, Herald 9/9).  15 years ago we bought a unit at Newcastle Beach and have been delighted how the council has improved the city. The beach walkways are fantastic and enjoyed by many. To keep making these improvements we need more people in the city and more events like Supercars.  Surely we can all put up with some discomforts to achieve this.  

Shirley Neal, Newcastle East 


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