Man charged over brawl at St Mary's Maitland football game

Valentine Sports Park
Valentine Sports Park

A spectator has been charged after allegedly arming himself with an iron bar during a fight at a junior football match between Maitland high school St Mary’s and Westfields Sports High.

The man is due to appear in Blacktown court on October 3 after being charged with common assault and being armed with intent to commit an indictable offence.

A parent told the Herald that the spectator had become embroiled in a verbal altercation with St Mary’s players during the game at Football NSW’s base at Valentine Sports Park in Sydney.

The parent, who was at the game, said the man had entered the field of play briefly before returning to the sidelines, where he became involved in a fight with a relative of a St Mary’s player.

The man then allegedly went to the car park, removed an iron bar from a vehicle then ran towards a group of spectators.

A parent allegedly tackled the man to the ground and took away the bar.

“He’s trying to whack people. He’s a foot and a half from getting into the mums and dads,” the witness said. “That’s how close he was to doing some serious damage.”

The witness said no players on either side had been involved in the violence.

“Some of the mums were in an absolute state of shock.

“It wasn’t just a light-weight piece of metal.  

A Football NSW representative said part of the incident had been captured on video.

“It’s hard enough when we hear about it at other grounds, let alone it being at headquarters. We definitely don’t want that in our game,” the spokesman said.